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Táve- photography studio management software at it's best

Táve is a studio management program
Táve is a studio management program

Táve photography studio management software


How you organize and track your photography business from start to finish is one the most important workflows you will create. Some key elements in your workflow that require consistent management are customer contacts and financial tracking. Since most of us work alone we need to use tools that are easy to understand, set up, and provide us with a snap shot of our progress.

As a business owner and photographer you should have a “one-stop shop” solution that will make tracking your clients, billings and financials easy and painless. If you are planning on formalizing your photography business then Táve is a front-runner solution for managing your studio.

Here are 5 key reasons to consider Táve:

• The company is responsive to your needs and questions
• They are constantly developing new features based on user feedback
• Their software is cost effective and value driven
• The user interface is intuitive
• The program easily integrates with other software

As with any product you use there are downsides to consider. Setting up and continuously using any studio management program can be a daunting and time consuming task for any for anyone. In order to fully capitalize on the functionally of Táve you should have a clear idea going into it about how you want to manage your clients information.

Create a workflow chart of how you currently interact with your clients from start to finish. This will help to understand how setup the program so that can take advantage of the many features and values the program offers.

Here are the top 5 features that Táve offers:

• Leads tracking
• Products and services management
• Sales and flow up management
• Client communications management
• Financials organization

Our studio has used Táve since 2010 and since then we have seen this product grow through from their very first release to their newest version 2013.11 and it has been rewarding and flawless to say the least for us in tracking and managing our business and this why Táve earned a “4 Star Review.”

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