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System Shock 2: The review

The Hacking mini game.  Make sure your hack skills are high enough to make hacking easier.
The Hacking mini game. Make sure your hack skills are high enough to make hacking easier.
Ken Kriho

System Shock 2


System Shock 2 is a first person shooter/RPG game released on August 11th, 1999. The game was developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass studios and published by Electronic Arts. The story picks up after the Citadel was destroyed in the first game. The Von Braun is on its maiden voyage when they respond to an SOS and the rescue crew gets infected, and become members of an alien community called the Many. Your character awakes, and now has to rid the Many from the Von Braun. Should the game be purged of this hostile takeover, or is this voyage worth it?

System Shock 2 title
Ken Kriho

Graphics-At first glance, you’ll notice graphical similarity to the first Thief game. Interestingly enough, the engine has been enhanced, and the graphics do look good. The characters look cool, the scenery is well done, and the atmosphere works perfectly.

Sound-The soundtrack is awesome, but some areas in the game have music that doesn’t match the area you’re in. The voice acting is also good.

Gameplay-This game has RPG elements implemented, where you can level up your character in four areas: Technical skills, Weapons skills, Psionic skills, and Statistics. You don’t level up your skills by killing enemies; instead you level up your skills by purchasing skills with cyber modules. An interesting concept is that there is weapon maintenance, which is something that can’t be ignored. Weapons wear themselves out during use, and if your weapons break during a fight, you’re semi-defenseless.

Originality-This game scores points in originality with the weapon maintenance, but falls flat everywhere else.

Overall-System Shock 2 is a classic game, even though it didn’t do very well in the sales department. If you want to play a classic RPG game that isn’t Mass Effect, System Shock 2 will be that game.

Score: 5/5

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