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System app remover (root) app for Android phones

System app remover (ROOT) by Jumobile


Memory on a phone is a precious commodity, and managing that memory can be complicated. Users have more control over the memory if they have rooted their phone. Once you have rooted your phone you have the ability to delete what some call 'bloatware', unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer. You also have the ability to utilize your SD card for programs that can't be moved from your phone to SD through apps such as AppMGR III. The question for many users is after I have root, how do I know what is safe to remove and what might make my phone stop working altogether?

This app lets you know information about your phone such as which apps are safe to remove and which ones are necessary for your phone to function. It also allows you to move apps to your SD card and provides a recycle bin just in case you make a mistake!
Nan Clegg

System app remover (ROOT) by Jumobile is a safe, efficient way to maximize your root access to control your software and apps. System app remover not only allows you full access to move any app to your SD card, but also tells you in clear words whether programs can be safely removed or should be kept. One of the safety features is also the recycle bin that allows you to put something back just in case you make a mistake and remove something you need.

If you have limited space on your internal memory, then one of the features you can make use of is move to SD. Apps like AppMGR III only allow you to move apps that have been given permission by the developer to be moved. System app remover (ROOT) allows you move almost any app to your SD card. Be warned, this could cause unstable behavior in apps, but it can also allow you keep your internal memory free for downloading new apps.

I've been using this app for several days, and have found it both intuitive and safe to use. This has been one of the best apps I've found for making the most out of having a rooted phone when you don't have or want a ROM to replace the OS. Memory management and personalization are two of the best reasons to root your phone and this app is one of the best I've found for managing your memory.