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Syfy's Mini series Helix

Television Show Helix


Let it be said to make a decent mini television series it takes at least three strong qualities. A good cast, good writers, but above all a good storyline in order to maintain and increase viewers so that the show can prosper. The show Helix, produced by Syfy, unfortunately, allows it’s television commercials to captivate then draw viewers to watch an hour and a half of this plotless if not a mindless science fiction premiere. The show Helix, if someone should continue to watch it, will be thoroughly disappointed and demonstrate once again why Syfy’s idea of good television science fiction storytelling is about as good as watching a M. Night Shyamalan’s movie.

The pilot begins as a Dr. Peter Farragut, played by Neil Napier, is infected with a new biological disease in a remote research facility deep in Antarctica. Dr, Allen Farragut, played by Billy Campbell, head of the Center of Disease Control is alerted of the outbreak and heads a team to investigate and confine the outbreak. Not realizing how severe the situation has manifested everyone becomes endangered and the base is quarantine. From then on, it goes downhill from there. With having with just a handful of security guards to patrol the base and no one to secure the air vents, Peter freely maneuvers about the base infecting others while the sound of someone’s Pandora loudly play oldie songs to cover the noises of a struggle thus leaves one wondering should I sing or be terrified . The acting seems like a group of doctors playing man-hunt haphazardly with one another. Though the storylines resembles John Carpenter’s “The Thing and James Cameron’s Aliens,” the scenario of a deadly disease affecting millions if released seems overplayed and stale.

Though having the misfortune of watching the pilot episode of Helix, I could not find any reason to watch the second. If anything it strengthens my ill feelings to science fiction channel, Syfy. The channel relentlessly fail to bring quality shows that support science fiction and fans instead it insults them time and time again. Save yourself and loved ones and avoid Syfy’s program, Helix. Catching a cold virus would be time well spent than to see this mini series inoculate your taste for a good fantasy show to watch.

I am Brian A. Madrid. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. For more information regarding this article, click on the highlighted tags throughout this review. Please feel free to subscribe/blog to me and be notified of new articles or comments via email. Thanks for reading and please share with others.