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Sydney Benner and her Yoga Dance Fusion

Sydney Benner, Yoga Dance Fusion


If you’ve been looking for that one way to blend Yoga and cardio, you’ve found it! Sydney Benner, a natural fitness instructor if this Examiner has ever seen one, has blended her love of dance, music, and Yoga into her very own brand of fitness routine: Yoga Dance Fusion. Her site has partnered up with BeFit, the popular Youtube fitness channel, to provide us with a fun and challenging way of getting our Yoga in and our hearts pumping (a little more).

Sydney Benner
from Sydney Benner

Sidney Benner loves to dance, run, hike, and do Yoga. A leader in the fitness industry, she has been featured on Bob Harper’s (The Biggest Loser) Skinny Rules Yoga DVD, is the official Yoga instructor on his channel, is an accomplished Barre class teacher, and will be featured in From the Heart, an American Heart Association campaign.

She began her Yoga practice while obtaining her BA in dance from California State University Long Beach. Yoga presented her with a beautiful way to look at the world and a way to keep her body feeling healthy and balanced. She created her blog,, to provide an accepting place for health conscious people. There you can find fitness circuits, healthy recipes, and other fitness related information.

Her fitness workouts are fun and challenging. They include routines like Yoga Dance Fusion: Fat-Burning Cardio Flow Workout and Yoga Ballet Cardio Burn Workout. Born to be a teacher, Sydney Benner offers upbeat circuits, clear instruction, and a nice sweat and burn. Combining the strong roots of Yoga and lively branches of dance, Yoga Dance Fusion will nourish both the need to stay grounded and to reach for the skies.