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SXSW midnighter 'Stage Fright' takes the VOD stage

Stage Fright (2014)


It's time for Meat Loaf...again!

Meat Loaf in "Stage Fright," a Magnet Release
Magnet Releasing

Still hot and fresh after a world premiere at this year's SXSW film festival as part of the midnighters late night film lineup, the Meat Loaf led horror musical theater parody "Stage Fright" hit VOD (video on demand) platforms this Thursday ahead of its May 9 theatrical release.

Set at a youth musical theater camp, "Stage Fright" tells the story of Camilla Swanson (Allie MacDonald) and her dreams of starring in a revival of "The Haunting of the Opera." The previous staging of the show ended in tragedy for her mother Kylie (Minnie Driver) and ruined the reputation of then big shot theater producer Roger McCall (Meat Loaf). With many years having past, McCall hopes to bring the infamous show to the stage once again.

Self-described by the film's producers as "Glee" meets "Scream," "Stage Fright" is an absolutely hilarious and gory riot from start to finish.

Using live vocals without making a big deal about it like the awards campaign for "Les Miserables," "Stage Fright" showcases the talents of many real-life musical theater newcomers and veterans to help bolster the musical side of this horror musical blend with formidable power.

For example, lead actress Allie MacDonald starred in a similarly campy movie musical "Score: A Hockey Musical" which helped add experience and familiarity with the genre to the cast which already featured the well-known and experienced Meat Loaf of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fame.

What helps make "Stage Fright" so much fun is the blend of comedy throughout all of the musical and horror elements. The majority of the songs are modeled as a parody of the long-running musical "The Phantom of the Opera" which both helps the music seem familiar and the jokes funnier. Also, the gory moments in the film are often accompanied by memorable comedic punchlines from "The Metal Killer" that help perhaps soften the gross factor and increase the comedic factor of the incidents.

Despite the blending of the horror and musical genres, "Stage Fright" still isn't a film for everyone as those genres are often polarizing by themselves. However, for those who identify themselves as fans of those genres, "Stage Fright" is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

As a young camper in the film says... "Isn't it wrong to sing and dance when someone just died?"

Yes...yes it is...but sometimes things that are wrong are also just too fun to resist.

"Stage Fright" is now available on various VOD platforms. More information on the film and a current theater list is available here.

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