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'Switched at Birth': Will Kathryn and John recover from his mistake?

Lea Thompson plays Kathryn Kennish on ABC Family's 'Switched at Birth.'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

'Switched at Birth' Episode 3.06 'The Scream' Air Date February 17, 2014


Switched at Birth” returned on Feb. 17 with the emotionally intense new episode, “The Scream.”

In this installment, Renzo plans a murder mystery dinner to celebrate Kathryn’s Lea Thompson) book deal, Bay (Vanessa Marano) has a change of heart about Tank (Max Adler) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is torn between Jorge and Campbell (RJ Mitte) as she plans a surprise party for Campbell’s 21st birthday.

Kathryn and John (D.W. Moffett) have been on shaky ground for a while and their tension comes to a heartbreaking peak when Kathryn discovers John kissed Jennice. He tries to tell her it was a mistake but she doesn’t accept his explanation and orders him to leave the house. Can Kathryn and John recover from this terrible blow and save their ailing marriage?

Dinner a la Murder

Renzo plans a murder mystery dinner and it’s a lot of fun seeing everyone get dressed up and act out the play. However, Regina (Constance Marie) clashes with Jennice and immediately calls her out on kissing John. Jennice panics and tells John and one thing leads to another and Kathryn overhears them before John can even ask Regina to keep quiet.

Kathryn is understandably distraught and tells everyone to go home. Then, she tells John to get out. He tries to tell her the kiss meant nothing and it was a drunken mistake. She doesn’t buy it and John seeks solace at Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) apartment.

Of all people, Toby is mortified that his father and his mother-in-law kissed each other and we might just feel the most sorry for him in this scenario. Can we blame him? How awkward would this be?

But, Kathryn is far from innocent in this whole equation. She’s selling out secrets of John’s fellow baseball players in a fictionalized account, using different names. But, they’ve got to know what they’re reading about when they read it. How will this make them feel?

Plus, in this marriage, Kathryn has been depressed and is actively seeking ways to assert her independence. Drunk or not, John’s betrayal is a violation of their marriage vows. Still, should Kathryn walk away from her husband and all that they’ve shared for this one indiscretion?

Lea Thomson and D.W. Moffett are brilliant in depicting the very dark places a marriage can go when one or both parties feel injured and betrayed. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here, and how all of the kids react to the split. Will they take sides? Can the marriage be saved or is this the beginning of the end of the Kennishes as we know them?

Bay’s Change of Heart

Last week Bay told Tank she just sees him as a friend. She has a sudden change of heart and we wonder if her newfound interest is genuine. The kiss between her and Emmett is awkward and she deletes Ty’s email. Still, does this mean she’s really over either one of them? And, where does Tank fit in to all of this?

She’s miffed he doesn’t invite her to a fraternity luau, and eventually learns it’s because they are having a “dog fight” which is a contest to see who can bring the ugliest date. Bay is understandably appalled at this and wants Tank to drop out of the fraternity.

He doesn’t want to drop out, but did anonymously report the frat house for the horrible party practice. He begs Bay for another chance, pledging to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had. She gives him puppy eyes, but doesn’t respond. Does she really feel something for Tank? Or, is she simply settling due to a lack of Emmett and Ty in her life?

Vanessa Marano continues to brilliantly display Bay’s vulnerability, general lack of wisdom, and craving to be loved and accepted. We hope for Tank’s sake, that she doesn’t string him along. He truly is a great guy and maybe she really needs to give him an honest chance.

Daphne’s Dilemma

Daphne’s still clearly conflicted in her feelings for both Jorge and Campbell. Can we blame her? They’re both very hot, but both very different. Jorge is miffed by the lengths she takes to throw Campbell a 21st birthday party.

At least she’s honest in admitting her feelings for both of them to Jorge. However, he’s clearly not comfortable with it. We can’t really blame him and it’s so sweet he even started taking sign language classes.

Switched at Birth,” as a series, has always been bold and brilliant in its depiction of young love and all of the joys, sorrows and complex emotions it can bring. Campbell seems genuinely interested in Daphne, but, is he simply on the rebound from Gretchen? Will Daphne ultimately lose a chance with Jorge by splitting her feelings?

It’s hard to say who she should choose and we’ll just ultimately have to wait and see how this triangle plays out.

“Switched at Birth” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family. Click here for a local channel guide.

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