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'Switched at Birth': Will Angelo survive his tragic accident?

Gilles Marini plays Angelo Sorrento on ABC's Family's Switched at Birth.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

'Switched at Birth' Episode 3.15 "And We Bring the Light" Air Date July 7, 2014


Switched at Birth” aired the all-new episode, “And We Bring the Light” on July 7. In the highly emotional and intense installment, Angelo (Gilles Marini) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) share a beautiful father/daughter connection right before a tragic accident finds Angelo being brought into the emergency room having been seriously injured.

Previews for next week show Bay (Vanessa Marano), Regina (Constance Marie) and Daphne gathered around Angelo, who is very still, wrapped in bandages, and hooked up to all sorts of machines. He’s obviously fighting for his life and the big question looms in everyone’s mind: Is Angelo going to live or die?

The answer: We don’t know and we desperately hope not.

The bad thing is Angelo’s sudden death could be the kind of dramatic twist a series needs to turn everything on its head and send all of his surviving family members in a new direction. (Say it won’t be so!) On the other hand, Angelo could recover (either quickly or slowly) and we could all breathe a sigh of relief to eventually discover that he’s going to be okay.

The bottom line: We have no choice but to wait and see and it’s no use for people to post the “Keep Calm” signs that are frequently used on social media sites for various TV show cliffhanging moments. Diehard SAB fans can’t keep calm until they have the answer, one way or the other.

Fans have been posting comments on “Switched at Birth’s” Facebook page since the episode aired last night and since preview photos for next week’s episode were posted earlier today, July 8. Most of the comments are begging the powers-that-be to not let Angelo die. The photos show Bay, Daphne and Regina with looks of grave concern on their faces, as they gather around Angelo who lays seriously injured in his hospital bed.

Gilles Marini couldn’t have been a better pick to play Bay’s biological father, Angelo Sorrento. Gilles and Vanessa both bear a striking resemblance to one another, given their shared dark hair and dark eyes. Plus, Angelo and Regina’s turbulent history has been fascinating to watch unfold and it’s been really nice watching them try to find their way back together …

Above all, though, it has been really wonderful watching Daphne and Angelo try to strengthen their relationship over the course of this season. Does anyone remember the heartbreaking scene, early on in Angelo’s history, in which Daphne tells him she always figured he left her and Regina because she was deaf?

The past few weeks have brought some really heartwarming moments between them. For one thing, it’s so wonderful that Angelo has really tried to learn how to sign. Gilles makes Angelo’s “tentativeness” and sincerity seem so real, honest and raw.

This episode, however, shines on so many different fronts. Toby is back – yay! And, he seems refocused and reenergized. Our hearts ache for Bay, who handles a major disappointment (not getting into Pratt) in a really graceful way. She turns to the one thing that’s gotten her through many of the difficult challenges she’s faced: Her art.

It’s so great that John (D.W. Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson) talk a walk on the wild side to support their daughter. And how great is it that Kathryn, Toby, and Bay can communicate in sign language to avert trouble? Way to go SAB writers! Bravo!

We like that Regina’s integrity is slowly rubbing off on Wes. But, no matter what, he isn’t Angelo, is he? Plus, the scene in which Regina nearly shoots her own daughter is terrifying on so many levels. We’re still shuddering at the thought of what might have been …

By far, though, the shining moment in this episode which may arguably be a series best thus far, is when Angelo and Daphne bake together at his secretly-defunct restaurant. The look on Angelo’s face when he finally tastes his grandmother’s cake the way she made it and the joy Daphne feels in giving him that gift is such a priceless and tender moment to behold.

One of Gilles Marini’s dramatic strengths is his keen ability to express so many different kinds of emotions in his eyes and Katie Leclerc has an obvious inner radiance that lights Daphne, who is so brave in so many ways, literally from the inside out.

The icing on the cake (no pun intended!) comes when Daphne confronts Angelo about the foreclosure notice on the restaurant. He tells her he feels like such a failure and then she says, “At least it brought us together.” Aww …

So, it all comes down to Regina and Angelo’s heated exchange and Angelo’s subsequent car accident we never saw coming. Will Daphne and Bay’s lives be forever altered yet again, in losing a man they were just starting to recognize as a parent and are probably just starting to love?

The Futon Critic episode summary for next week’s episode, “The Image Disappears” simply states: “A loved one’s life hangs in the balance.” Whether Angelo lives or dies next week, the emotional preview photos along with the gripping video preview trailer are a great indicator we’re going to need to keep a big supply of Kleenex nearby as the episode unfolds.

“Switched at Birth” airs on ABC Family on Mondays at 8 pm ET.

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