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SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer Product Review - By Mobiplex

Swing Tip Analyzer by Mobi Coach


With the growth of smartphones and tablets, there are thousands of golf apps many of which can help take your game to the next level. SwingTIP by Mobi Coach is one that robust in technology yet simple for the average golfer to understand.

Golf Swing Analyzer for use with smartphones and tablets

The SwingTIP is a smaller than the size of a business card and attached to the shaft just below the grip. The device transmits swing data via Bluetooth to you device instantaneously. Instead of providing dozens of useless swing metrics, Swing Tip provides only those data points relevant to your game and improvement.

In this product review video, we dive into the design, tech specs, features and more.

Final Thoughts: Although there are no shortage of competitors in this product segment, Swing Tip offers two key selling points. 1) Price point = $99.99. The price isn't much more than 2 rounds of golf or a golf lesson. The good news is that you can use this with every club in the bag and you can track your progress through the season. 2) Ease of use. This product is very simple to sync with your phone or tablet. The data points are also simplistic to read and understand. Similar devices often offer too many data points and can be difficult to read, understand and or decipher.

Design: 8 of 10

Durability: 9 of 10

Ease of use: 9 of 10

Accuracy: 8 of 10

Affordability: 10 of 10

OVERALL = 44 of 50

The Swing Tip golf swing analyzer is like having a golf professional in your back pocket. I highly recommend this product for consumers.

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