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Sweet, Edwardian romance by author S.G. Rogers

cover art by Winterheart Designs
Jessamine's Folly by S.G. Rogers; cover art by Winterheart Designs

historical romance book


JESSAMINE'S FOLLY, an Edwardian historical romance by S.G. Rogers, is an interesting tale of a young woman, grieving the death of her family, thrust into the hands of a family who clearly wants nothing to do with her. Forced to take a position as companion to the sister of Lord Kirkendale, she wonders if her circumstances will be much improved by this step into a new life.

And yet, she finds herself, like many a governess before her, falling for the charming Lord Kirkendale.
Lord Kirkendale, for his part, has problems. His sister is growing up much too fast, her debut into London society is fast approaching. And he’s still seen as one of London’s most eligible bachelors who has a reputation for running off the governesses. Rumor is, most of them left because of his advances. Yet the truth involves femme fatale Olivia … who will do anything to run Jessamine off so she can marry Dallas. Even visit the infamous Paris Lilly, herself.

Sweet and providing just a hint of Gothic and attention to period details, fans of any Regency or Edwardian romance will find this a satisfying read. If you’d like to try it out, S.G. Rogers' JESSAMINE'S FOLLY is available at Amazon.

**I purchased this review copy at Amazon.