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Sweet Dreams on an Air Mattress that Looks Like a Real Bed

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AeroBed Raised Headboard Bed


The mention of an air mattress can conjure up memories of neck crimps from a night on a friend’s floor back in college, trying to sleep on a hard plastic raft passing as a bed. AeroBed has changed that perception of airbeds of yore. The luxury air mattress company has outdone itself with its Raised Headboard Bed, a 22-inch high air bed with a faux headboard that actually looks like a real bed, and surprising feels almost like a real bed.

This bed solves one of the most annoying problems of airbeds, of pillows falling off the bed. Most air mats must be shoved against a wall to keep the pillows on it. The headboard, which inflates together with the sleeping surface, gives the bed a finished look, which looks decent in a room if the bed must be set up in a room for several days or longer.

Also gone are the days of pumping up an air bed with a step-on pump. This high-tech bed inflates in minutes with a built-in electronic pump. When it’s time to put the bed away, it deflates with the same speed using a Whoosh valve. The bed can then be packed away compactly in its own storage bag.

While it’s no “Sleep by Number” mattress, this model has seven firmness settings. The bed’s height is similar to a real bed, so it is easier to get in and out of, rather than being one step up from sleeping on the floor, as it is with many competitor air beds.

While you still can tell by its feel that this is an airbed -- not an innerspring mattress, the 100-percnet PVC covering is soft and felt-like, not plastic feeling and sweat-inducing like some air mats. For short-term guests or a temporary situation, this bed is perfectly suitable and quite comfortable, and for the first time ever, your guests might even say your air mattress is downright stylish. Twin $199 to Queen $299 at Bed Bath & Beyond.