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Susan Stroman's 'Bullets Over Broadway' tops the Broadway season

Nominate a producer that represents issues that leave a legacy for theatre history
Nominate a producer that represents issues that leave a legacy for theatre history
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

'Bullets Over Broadway' at St. James Theatre


Broadway's most prolific female Director/Choreographer Susan Stroman has turned Broadway inside out! We all know that Broadway has been a man's world much to long for production teams, directors and choreographers. Don't get me started on ethnic casting. "Broadway Global shares #1 breaking "Bullets Over Broadway" preview news today, and your chance to nominate a Producer that is producing today's arts leaving a legacy for theatre history. One lucky reader who sends in a Regional or Broadway Producer nomination will be chosen as our VIP Guest at The 2014 Third Annual Broadway Global Producer of the Year. The promo picture for "Bullets Over Broadway" also shows The 2012 winner Jordan Scott Gilbert (Ghost) and 2013 winner Dale Badway (Pippin), we share them with the cast and logo, as Susan's Stroman's "Bullets Over Broadway"is the 2014 Best Musical of the Year!" Broadway Global.

"Bullets Over Broadway" can battle "Rocky" biggest Broadway finale sets, Disney's "Aladdin" breathtaking carpet ride, "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" stars, explosive Orchestrations and Choreography of "After Midnight", "The Bridges of Maddison County" musical score, last years Motown, Matilda, Newsies, Kinky Boots, and even "Pippin" it looks like it will stand at box office heights of 'Wicked" and "The Lion King". You may need to kill for a ticket, so don't wait to long.

Because Woody Allen's book for "Bullets Over Broadway" is a much more appealing story than Susan Stroman's finest work in "Scottsboro Boy's", this new smash hit musical should be the multi Tony Award winner for this saturated Broadway musical season! "Susan Stroman kills it this Broadway season! The huge gangster tap number to "Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do" is the best choreography on Broadway. Bite the bullet and get tickets now! America loves their bad boys and gangsters, so a musical about a playwright who takes his script changes from a gangster, and stars the bosses showgirl.. friend is a dead on hit. The songs are standards you have heard as a child, but the way they are incorporated into the musical is brilliant! Woody Allen's best work to date." Broadway Global.

"Again, "Bullets Over Broadway" was a musical that we just didn't want to succeed, as we have saturated Broadway with hit films, now being produced for stage as safe investments for Broadway. With only 40 or so Broadway theatres, how is the average playwright, gangster or otherwise going to get their new works to Broadway? But when the Producers, Production Teams and Actors create magic you must set free. If the gangster glove doesn't fit, you must acquit! "Bullets Over Broadway" kills in every way!" Theatre Chat.

"If Zach Braff doesn't remind you of the hit TV star Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond then I'll eat my hat. Imagine Ray Romano like character stuck in the twenties, between gangsters trying to present his work on Broadway. It's hysterical and then some, Zach Braff a TV star in his own right, hits every note, beat, and could be the dead on Tony Award upset for "Best Actor in a Musical". The roaring twenties never roared this loud." Theatre Chat.

Now add Vincent Pastore as (Nick Valenti) the big boss played to the likes of Jimmy Hoffa... Helene Yorke (Olive Neal" the showgirl with no talent on the stage that is, driving the bosses body gaurd Nick Cordero (Cheech) crazy with her bad acting, Marine Mazzie (Helen Sinclar) the famous Broadway star ready for her big come back, Lenny Wolpe (Julian Marx) a Broadway Producer, Body gaurd's girl Bestsy Wolfe (Ellen), Brook Ashmanskas (Warner Purcell) the leading man and compulsive eater always at the craft service table.. put these stars together in a Woody Allen hit script, music from the twenties and thirties and you have a gangster hit.

The huge show within a show set, turning as gangsters climb, run and jump is as stunning as "Rocky" finale set.. Hope the Tony Award voters are taking lots of notes. The songs "Tiger Rag", Gee Baby, Ain't I Good for You", "Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me", "I want a Hot Dog for My Roll", "They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me", "Up a Lazy River", "I'm Sitting on Top of the World", Let's Misbehave", I'll Be Glad When You're Dead", "There's a Broken Heart for Every Light on Broadway', "Tain't Nobody''s Biz-ness If I Do', "Runni' Wild", there's a New day Comin'!", There'll Be Some Changes Made", "I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle", Good Old New York", "I've Found a New baby", "The Panic is On" a few reprises of above and "Shes' Funny That Way" all are introduced with a fresh new take and sound.

The entire cast includes Brooks Ashmanskas (Warner Purcell), Zach Braff (David Shayne), Nick Cordero (Cheech), Marin Mazzie (Helen Sinclar), Vincent Pastore (Nick Valenti), Betsy Wolfe (Ellen), Lenny Wolpe (Julian Marx), Helen Yorke (Olive Neal), Karen Ziemba (Eden Brent), Jim Borstelmann (Ensemble; u/s Nick Warner), Preston Truman Boyd (Ensemble: u/s Cheech, Julian, Warner), Janet Dickinson (Ensemble, u/s Helen, Eden), Bryn Dowling (Swing; u/s Olive, Helen), Kim Faure (Ensemble:; u/s Olive, Ellen), Paige Faure (Ensemble; u/s Ellen), Casey Garvin (Ensemble), Kelcy Griffin (Ensemble), Dan Horn (Swing), Sarah Lin Johnson (Ensemble; u/s David), Amanda Kloots-Larsen (Ensemble), Kevin Ligon (Ensemble; u/s Nick, Julian, Warner), Synthia Link (Swing; u/s Ellen, Eden, Dance Captain), Brittany Marcin (Ensemble), Paul McGill (Ensemble), James Moye (Ensemble; u/s Cheech), Beth Johnson Nicely (Ensemble; Dance Captain), and Kevin Worley (Ensemble; u/s David Michel).

For tickets to Broadway biggest hit of the season, Bullets Over Broadway visit or call 212-239-6200. "Bullets Over Broadway" plays St James Theatre located at 246 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036. "Bullets Over Broadway" is a Broadway Global and Theatre Chat top pick so we share one important way that you can keep the arts alive and well. Share the nomination process all done through social media, because you have a voice to leave a legacy of arts for our society.

Broadway Global shares this sneak peak of "Bullets Over Broadway" preview and at The Third Annual 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year nomination information because those arts lovers or true culturalist, who send in a Producer nomination may win a chance to be our VIP Guest at the official ceremony later this season. One lucky person chosen by Broadway Global who nominates a Regional or Broadway Producer will be our VIP Guest as thery are honred with Steve Marshall's one of a kind art, "Producer Puzzle" art for creating arts! Please share your nomination through email; at and hashtag this article with #BroadwayGlobal or @BroadwayGlobal on your favorite social media sites.

Nominators please note three key elements for The 2014 Third Annual Broadway Global Producer of the Year: "We ask that you choose a Producer who is leaving a legacy for arts, long after our current producers are long gone, years later when our society looks back on arts we can be proud that these plays or musicals that brought change for our global society. We ask that you choose a Broadway or Regional Producer who is a becon light for ethnic or colorblind casting. Last, the Producer must be accesible through social media, so that chance for an up and coming Playwright may have a chance to get his or her works to one of those 40 Broadway theatres." Broadway Global.