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Susan Ruth, "All I Ever Wanted Was Everything," CD review

Susan Ruth CD, All I Ever Wanted Was Everything



Photos of Susan Ruth pertaining to the release of her CD, "All I Ever Wanted Was Everything."
Photos of Susan Ruth pertaining to the release of her CD, "All I Ever Wanted Was Everything."
2014 Susan Ruth
Susan Ruth
2014 Susan ruth

“All I Ever Wanted Was Everything”

From the opening drum rhythm through the last lilting refrain on the CD, it is apparent that it was well thought out, well planned and well recorded.

Susan Ruth has a very distinct voice that has an unmistakable sensual and marketable quality. These qualities are echoed from the photography on the CD’s tri-fold wallet style package. It is both visually and sonically interesting. Over all this is a very nice package for your hands and for your ears.

This is a hard batch of songs to categorize. In fact to pigeon hole the sound might be a travesty. It could fall into modern Americana or Folk at some points. Then again it could also be enjoyed by the millions that enjoy country or pop. There is even a hint of old time music in the arrangements and melody and arrangements. That is a good thing because there is a very wide audience that could potentially enjoy these songs.

A really nice addition on this package is the addition of real horns. A lot of projects from independent artists tend to opt for midi instruments for horns and strings. That is not the case here and it is quite evident in the mix that these acoustic instruments add a dimension that sets the CD apart from others that don’t go that extra step.

Musically the songs range from moderately rocking tunes like Take Me Home to the slow piano and vocal ballad like Your Last Goodbye. One could easily imagine hearing in a smoky old jazz club as the bartender is waiting for the final patron to finish those drinks so he can close and go home.

This is one of those CD's that people should not try too hard to analyze but rather sit back with some candle light and a nice bottle of wine and turn up the speakers and enjoy the melodies and stories as they flow from your speakers.

All in all this is a collection of songs and a look at life and the ups and downs that everyone faces that could and should find its way into almost any music lover’s collection.

In today’s market where most artists put out six packs it was refreshing to hear someone produce a package with over twice that amount. There is a full 13 tunes on this CD.

  1. Promise Me Something.
  2. Happy.
  3. Take Me Home.
  4. Your Last Goodbye.
  5. Fly.
  6. All I Ever Wanted.
  7. Are We There Yet.
  8. Rare and Beautiful.
  9. Lonely.
  10. What If You Do.
  11. Birdie.
  12. When I Sleep.
  13. Heart Stained Red.

Some might think putting 13 songs on a CD is unlucky, in fact, I am one of those people who do not like 13 anything so I was skeptical when I popped this CD into my car stereo. However, once I listen to this CD, I was hard pressed to find anything negative about it and I think adding it to your collection would be a very lucky and wise thing to do.

Make sure to check out her innovative, creative and adorable promotional video embedded/attached to this CD review. What this reviewer wants to know is who is the guy who takes off his glasses?

Visit Susan Ruth at her home on the web! Like her on Facebook. You can order the CD before it is released on iTunes!

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