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Surviving the evacuation... could you?

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Surviving the Evacuation Book One: London


Thanks to cult classics by George Romero and the current popular AMC show The Walking Dead, anything zombie related is enjoying current popularity and this includes fiction. Surviving the Evacuation Book One: London by Frank Tayell is the first book in an independently published series with a great hook.

Bill Wright, the protagonist, tells his story that follows a zombie outbreak via journal. What is so refreshing about this book, is that Bill Wright isn’t a survivalist and, on the day of the outbreak, he breaks his leg. He starts off disadvantaged- has limited supplies, no weapons, and his mobility is severely hampered. How will he survive?

His tale of harrowing survival is accented by the fact he worked for a friend, Jennifer Marston, who was a politician, an MP (book takes place in England), and juicy bits of conspiracy and intrigue compliment the story of Wright’s survival, building a bigger plot.

The book was well edited and produced. Although it is only the first book in a series, there is enough of a resolution that while a reader will be hooked enough to continue the series with the next book, Surviving the Evacuation Book Two: Wasteland, the reader will not feel cheated or disappointed.

Currently the series has three published works and a novella soon to be published.