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Surprise in a box $10 party wine

Block white and red wine $10 party wine
Block white and red wine $10 party wine
Alison Brooks

Trader Joe's Block Wine


Throwing a party can get pretty expensive, especially when wine is in the picture. There are ways to avoid burning a hole in your wallet when having a party where wine is being served.

The best way to save money and have plenty of wine at the same time is to buy box wine. Yes, box wine. The greatest thing about box wine is the amount that is nestled in that cardboard box. One box carries four bottles of wine that is meant to last up to a month.

Trader Joe's carries two wonderfully affordable and tasty box wines from Australia. The first box wine is Block White Wine, a very tasty crisp Chardonnay with lemon zest and melon greeting your nose. Juicy green apple with a touch of lemon is what will hit the palate first, followed by a very welcoming hint of oak that finishes the wine perfectly.

More of a red wine fan? Block Red Wine is a Shiraz that is quite the crowd pleaser. Wonderful aromas of ripe berries and black currant fill the glass when swirled. Ripe plum and black pepper really take control of the flavor train. The black pepper is not at all over powering as it has that nice touch of plum. Not heavy on the tannins and smooth as butter.

For a mere $10, an average $2.50 a bottle, this couldn't be anymore affordable. These are not only perfect party wines, they're perfect for those nights when just a glass of wine is all you want.

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