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'Supernaturally Loved': Norris 'EJ' Jackson's personal memoir

Norris 'EJ' Jackson, Supernaturally Loved, I Don't Wanna Break Your Heart


Native Chicagoan Norris "EJ" Jackson, a Columbia College graduate, uses his gift as a voice for this generation to spread God's supernatural love. His passion and desire is to always have Christ as his center. Musically at his core, Norris writes to give a clear cut expression of his heart.

Norris "EJ" Jackson [photo courtesy of Norris "EJ" Jackson; used with permission]
Norris EJ Jackson, Supernaturally Loved, Chicago, Indie Artist, Gospel music

Norris speaks to his relationship with God through the various phases of being a young man. He uses his platform to reach the youth of this generation to let them know that it is possible to live saved. Despite many outside influences that plague our inner cities and the breakdown of the traditional home, God has a love that'll deliver. As living testimonies of God's grace, we are able to exemplify His love in action to those who may never darken the threshold of a church building.

What is undeniable is Norris' heartfelt passion. Most of the songs on his EP he wrote. His ability to convey emotions in a way that speaks of years far beyond his age. In his debut single "I Don't Wanna Break Your Heart" the lyrics testify of God's love towards him and his desire to follow God at all cost.

Being a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Norris could have easily transitioned into other forms of musical expressions, but he decided that Gospel music was where he was meant to be. Throughout his EP, you'll experience Norris' personal relationship with Jesus. He writes and sings what he lives and has experienced. One of his songs was written while he was still in high school. A testament that what God has for you is for you. When it's time for doors to be opened for you no man can prevent or shut them. Norris "EJ" Jackson has a bright musical future ahead of him. Keeping God first and following his heart will take him very far. Purchase "Supernaturally Loved" on iTunes and other digital music outlets today.