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Supernatural Sat Nite "Scream 4"

Scream 4


How could Wes Craven cement himself as a horror legend even further?

Wes Craven's take on remakes
Wes Craven's take on remakes
Wes Craven, @wescraven

By taking a major blockbuster success and create a legacy. Horror fans already knew something special was born by creating the legendary monster, “Freddy Krueger,” but to create a whole new franchise based on what horror fans already know?

Thus Scream was born. Neve Campbell, a staple on the teen scene with Party of Five was launched into instant main stream success with this movie. Each movie was even bigger with rules explained by Jamie Kennedy’s character, “Randy.” Unfortunately as he explains in the third movie via videotape that the rules change if it is a sequel or if it’s a trilogy. The same rules apply with a sequel yet anyone can die in a trilogy.

The question is what would Randy say about a fourth movie in a series? Is Sydney (Campbell) suicidal or is she simply at the point of the Scooby gang? It’s just an insane idiot in a mask? Syd returns to Woodsboro in the fourth installment with of course several false movie starts to draw fans in.

Syd is home to visit her Aunt Kate and cousin Jill who is going through issues of her own. Gail and Dewey are married. Gail is finding life being married to a small town sheriff hard. She feels useless and Dewey’s deputy is beautiful. She is extremely insecure and the deputy of course is on her case.

The clever thing about this ‘reboot’ is that it takes the point that many fans of horror believe as Sydney quips, “The first rule of reboots is don’t f$^k with the original.”

Just as the original poked fun at the stereotype that the horror genre had become in the late 1990s this one takes a slap at the remake. The soundtrack also has its own take on it with the ending song “Bad karma.”

According to Scream 4 there is no need for Randy because they have Charlie Walker played by Rory Culkin who is “4’s” incarnation of both Stu and Randy. Culkin is no stranger to horror as he played Morgan in “Signs.”

The rule of this movie is that it has to be bigger than the original with a false ending and tricks. The false leads with perhaps it is Jill’s boyfriend as it was with Billy in the original and also tries to make people believe the partner is someone else. It is certainly set up to make you think that this time, again, as in Scream 2 that the killer is a woman who has animosity for both Syd and Gail.

The genius that is Wes Craven in this franchise is that the end of the script was a secret until the day it was shot so unless you were there on the end day you wouldn’t know who the true killer was and certainly fame is a killer.