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Supernatural Sat Nite "Nightmare on Elm Street 4"

Nightmare on Elm Street 4


Nightmare on Elm Street 4 “Dream Warriors” is a direct sequel to Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Kirsten (now played by someone else), Kincaid, and Joey have been released from the hospital. They are trying to have a normal life and attending high school. Kirsten now has a boyfriend, Rick, an avid martial artist. She has other friends beside Joey and Kincaid, Shelia, Debbie, and Rick’s sister Alice.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4 poster
Wes Craven, @wescraven

Joey and Kincaid are angry at Kiersten for bringing them back into the dream world at Freddy’s house. The boiler was cold and they try to explain this to her. The problem is that Kiersten’s mom is secretly feeding her sleeping pills. Since she was drugged she is unable to fight off Freddy. She is forced to bring her friends into the dream. Freddy wants her power to pull people into the dream world but Kiersten is able to pass her power on to Alice who was able to take on different abilities that her friends have. She somehow absorbs even her brother’s martial arts skills and with the help of her brother’s friend, Dan they are able to defeat Freddy.