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Gothic 1986


It is hard to describe “Gothic” without giving away the depraved decadence that was the epitome of Lord Byron’s eccentric life.

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Ken Russell's Gothic

He is often quoted as being, “mad, bad, and dangerous to know,” as the movie tour guide says at the opening of the movie.

Gabriel Byrne is wickedly brilliant in the role of Lord Byron and Natasha Richardson is exceptional as Mary Shelley, the author of the iconic “Frankenstein.” It is easy to believe that Byrne is insane as he plays Byron as the extreme sexual deviant that he is rumored to have been in life. Byrne’s Byron has an insane need to be the center of attention, whether it is platonic at first but ultimately he has the need to be the focal point of everyone’s passionate desire.

Gothic is a bizarre movie where the characters are under the influence of Absinthe, a worm wood infused opium drink that was outlawed at the turn of the century in most countries of the world due to its hallucinogenic effects from the ‘worm wood.’ Mary reacts badly to the Absinthe and spends the majority of the movies having violent hallucinations.

She foresees the death of her children and Percy’s death long before her. In one of her visions she was able to win the scary story competition that was proposed shortly before their bisexual orgy.