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Supernatural Sat Night "The Original Nightmare on Elm Street"

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Would it be a surprise to the “Johnny Come Lately” fans of one People’s Sexiest Men to realize that prior to being Edward Scissor Hands and Captain Jack Sparrow that Johnny Depp was Glen in the original “Nightmare on Elm Street?”

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Glen is the boyfriend of main star Nancy and ironically he is one of the last to experience any nightmares. Nancy’s best friend Tina is so freaked out by the dreams that she asks her friends and boyfriend to stay with her because she didn’t want to sleep alone. As a lot of horror movies and even the documentary “His Name Was Jason,” premarital sex is a major no no in the horror genre.

Perhaps this is why Nancy survives because each time Glen tries to seduce her she pushes him away, in the movie it is because she is depressed over Tina’s death and the disturbing nature of her nightmares. Glen thinks she is over reacting but her mother doesn’t. Heather’s mom despite her father’s wishes takes her to a sleep clinic in order to see why she is having those dreams.

Nancy realizes that she can pull things from her dreams when she pulls Freddy’s hat from her dream. Her mother tries to play it off. She begs Glen to stay awake when she tries to stop Freddy. Glen though gets killed in what of the most creative horror movie kills: he is sucked into a water bed and then the bed purges itself by shooting every ounce of blood out geyser style onto the ceiling.

Nancy is the first one to realize just how to handle Freddy. She realizes just how powerful he is and that he has sold his soul to Satan to become a dream demon. When she realizes how to defeat him she realizes that she can change things for the better. When she renders him powerless she asks for things to go back to normal. It’s a bizarre twist because you can never trust a demon to do exactly as it’s told. He gives the lives of her friends back but Freddy isn’t finished. She grabs Nancy’s alcoholic mother and drags her through the window. Heather asked for things to go back to normal and wanted her friends back. There was no indication that Heather’s mom would always be lucky that her alcoholism wouldn’t kill her…….

Freddy is a powerful sleep demon but how does he get to that point? His history past his human life begins to be revealed in subsequent movies.


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