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'Supernatural: Bloodlines' debut is dead on arrival

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'Supernatural' spin-off episode 'Bloodlines'


The backdoor pilot "Supernatural: Bloodlines" aired as episode 20 in season 9 of "Supernatural" and garnered 2.1 million viewers. However, for this viewer I knew I was in trouble 10 minutes into the episode. I found myself wishing I could hit fast forward. I think the show ultimately lacks the special ingredient that "Supernatural" hit the screens with in September 2005 when its pilot aired. I'm not saying all backdoor pilots are failures, I really enjoy "The Originals" a spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries". I just found myself not caring about the characters or their back story. The Romeo and Juliet set-up between a werewolf and a shapeshifter doesn't even register a tiny blip on my care meter. There could be an audience for this spin-off and I'm sure some will watch solely out of support for the "Supernatural" franchise, but I'm not a lemming and will not be following those viewers off that cliff, as this is a one and done for me. I wish they would change their name solely to "Bloodlines" rather than ride the coat tails of "Supernatural" by using "Supernatural: Bloodlines" as their title.

I have no issue with an ensemble set-up for a show as it has been highly successful in the past for others, but, there is no chemistry between any of the characters in the pilot that want me to return to a full season of "Supernatural: Bloodlines" and some non-followed canon of its predecessor just bothers me. Plus, five monster families basically run Chicago, really? So, in 9 seasons of "Supernatural" we never heard wind of anything like that not even one hunter has mentioned an abnormally high monster count to raise questions. Also, are the shapeshifters some new breed of what canon dictated in season 1 of "Supernatural"? Why do these not shed a skin to shift, instead it comes across as a witches glamour or something. I'm open-minded when new approaches are introduced and/or explained, however, I'm hard to accept it if writers just throw it at me and expect me to just smile and not question why they are going against the very universe they created previously.

My other irritation came with the fact they chose to put this backdoor pilot in the episode 20 slot which is far too late in the season for anyone to have the patience, especially me to tolerate slamming on the breaks at this part of the season. This should have fallen around the episode 10-12 slots. Poor decision making by TPTB to place it in the episode 20 slot. The best part of "Bloodlines" was the end when Sam and Dean left Chicago. I'm not even going to roll my eyes over the writers veiled attempt to bring the viewers back on track when Dean got the phone call from Castiel.

Overall, the acting for the backdoor pilot wasn't bad, but the utter lack of chemistry has provided no staying power for me as a viewer. Do, I think the spin-off will get a green light for the fall CW season, quite possibly, however, if it does I think it is more likely to get a six episode green light to see if it can stand on its own. Do, I think "Supernatural: Bloodlines" will have the 9 going on 10 season staying power of "Supernatural", 'H' to the no.

So, this viewer will not be watching "Supernatural: Bloodlines" should it get a season pick-up for fall on the CW. I had high hopes for it, but it fell very short of the target for me and time will tell the fate of this new endeavor to the "Supernatural" franchise. Ultimately, this viewer found "Bloodlines" to be very anemic and deserving of a borderline D-/F+