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Superior Spider-Man #32 review

superior spider man #32


Superior Spider-Man #32 was published by Marvel Comics and became available August 6, 2014. The story is written by Dan Slott with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Adam Kubert. This issue of Superior Spider-Man kicks off the start of the huge Marvel event, Spider-Verse.

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The Spider-Verse is going to be full of different Spider Men from different dimensions. This issue of Superior Spider Man we see that Superior Spider-Man traveled through time to 2099. He there builds a time traveling machine to help him return home. From there he makes some wrong turns down the time traveling worm hole and meets many different Spider-Men, just not all of them are alive. Someone is out to kill all the Spider-Men and it will take all of them together, a Spider Army you could say, to stop him.


I thought this was a great way to kick off the Spider-Verse event. It was interesting seeing all the different Spider-Men in this one issue, which I'm sure as the story goes on we will see more. I do believe we were promised Spider Ham. The story was fast paced, but easy to follow along. The art was bright, vibrate, and beautiful.


Not much to really say on the negative side. My only complaint would be that the story at times seemed to move a little fast. I thought we could have spent some more time in each dimensions. I would have liked to see the different worlds each Spider-Man lived in.

We will get to see more of the Spider-Verse when Edge of Spider-Verse hits comic book store shelves September10, 2014. Which Spider Man are you most excited to see? I'm most excited to see Gwen Stacy as Spider Woman.

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