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Superior Spider-Man #21

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Superior Spider-Man #21


Superior Spider-Man #21 picks up where the previous issue left off, with the climactic return of Stunner. Stunner is furious because she thinks that this "Superior Spider-Man" killed her beloved Dr. Otto Octavius, but little does she know that Otto is still alive in Peter Parker's body. To search for Spider-Man, Stunner comes crashing through The Daily Bugle building, and asks Robbie Robertson and Betty Brant how she can find Spider-Man, since the web-swinger is seen hanging around there. Robbie pretty much tells her that the Spider-Bots are everywhere, watching and patrolling the streets, and to get their attention, she has to commit some sort of crime. So Stunner does exactly this, hoping to get Spider-Man's attention.

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Meanwhile, back at Empire State University, Dr. Lamaze has strong accusations that Peter Parker's thesis is the work of Dr. Otto Octavius, and that Peter's plagiarizing Otto's research. Otto/Peter is furious, because he can't get any breaks from Lamaze, and Otto thinks Lamaze wants to meddle in his affairs. Anna Maria tries to calm Peter down, but Peter suits up behind her back, and swings away as Spider-Man. Just as Spider-Man tries to come up with a plan to make Lamaze pay for his accusations, the Spider-Patrol calls him. They tell Spider-Man about Stunner, and because Otto has a past with her, he decides to pay her a visit.

At first, the fight between Stunner and Spider-Man seems one-sided, but Stunner has some tricks up her sleeve as well. The scene shifts over to Potter's Field, where the body of Otto Octavius is buried, and the readers see Carlie Cooper standing there. A stunning revelation is seen here, but I won't spoil it for the people who haven't read this issue yet. Back outside of the Daily Bugle building, Spider-Man "wraps" things up with Stunner, and takes off, leaving her for the police to deal with. Spider-Man goes back to look for Lamaze, and when he finds Lamaze, Spider-Man sees him talking to Anna Maria. Curious, he listens in on their conversation, and he notices that Anna Maria is convincing Lamaze that Peter didn't plagiarize anything of Otto Octavius. As Spider-Man notices how good Anna Maria is to him, his Spider-sense goes off.

As he gets out of harm's way, he notices a bus hovering over him, heading down towards Lamaze and Anna Maria. Spider-Man shoots his webs and catches the bus on time, but Anna Maria and Dr. Lamaze have to move quickly before the bus comes crashing in on them. Stunner returns to the scene, after she managed to escape the police, and tears off Spider-Man's mechanical arms. The fight continues, Anna Maria and Dr. Lamaze crawl out to safety, and the Spider-Bots stop Stunner for good. Once things settle down a bit, Dr. Otto Octavius, through holographic imaging, makes a cameo appearance to talk to Angelina Brancale (Stunner), and Dr. Lamaze. Because of the Octavius appearance, Lamaze drops all accusations on Peter Parker, and the story ends on a happy note. But wait...the last page gives the readers a glimpse of things yet to come, and these things are going to be interesting.

Here is another great issue of The Superior Spider-Man. Sadly, the last issue I reviewed was issue 15, and it's not that issues 16-20 were bad, I just wasn't compelled to review them. This issue has beautiful artwork, the coloring is phenomenal, and the story and action remind me of the earlier issues of this series. Putting it all together, I give this issue a four out of five stars. It's hard to find a perfect issue, but this one came close. The Superior Spider-Man #21 is available now in print or digital formats for $3.99 and is written by Dan Slott, artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli, inked by John Dell, and colored by Antonio Fabela.


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