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'Super Samurai Girl'



By Julie D. Griffin

However, these protagonists fighting against the one girl don't fight fair. They have guns, and and refuse to stay within the required convention rules for fair fighting, they simply lie saying they are good when they are really bad.
Gengi Dawn Of Samurai

A Golden Elephant Productions film, the native filmed story of a common Japanese survival for the traditional times of the country of Japan prior, young girls and women fought as independent agents as well as combat partners to defeat evil. The film with no intrepetation and an all Japanese convincive, those who do not understand the language likely won't enjoy the film either. However, these protagonists fighting against the one girl don't fight fair. They have guns, and and refuse to stay within the required convention rules for fair fighting, as they simply lie saying they are good when in secret they are bad. In short, they disobey all of the rules and do whatever underhanded dirty thing suits them to win. Death or love they threaten her just before the Buddhist Temple. 彼女は、彼らが行う、彼女を守るために人を頼むが、? No one listens at that time. It is raining and she bandages up the wounds of her friend, covers him in straw and hides him from her enemies. It is raining more, and still it seems that no one cares. Asami has a fever from the chill, and she falls asleep and dreams of her friend and how even then she protected him. She desires that someone would also now protect her. She remembers Samurai School as a young girl. And how did things ever come to this, that she had to go into battle with her own friend with the samurai sword that time just to protect herself and her own family. She sobs vehemently, and wonders why he did not just listen to her when she warned him about the cunningness of her clever fox enemy. However, really such an evil and immoral enemy actual does exist, this rotten kind does not even receive the merit of the lowest haunting ghost here. Back at the rice table, the two brother enemies of her fight each other as usual and even the geisha do not want them as guests, as they are always looking for someone to do no good to. She prays that out of all of those many whom she helped in the past that even one would show up for her rescue and would just tell them, the evil ones, to leave her alone. Even though the vicious enemy does not know he knows her, to take leave of her presence, in order to leave her alone, the hero must make all of her enemies leave her alone. In short, only one man shows chivalry while all of the other weasels not only left her to her fate, but cruelly abetted and aided a tricky enemy. 多分天の偉大な神はあなたのすべてをハングアップします、彼はそれらに指示します.

Only the lightning fast Samurai can save her now, 彼らは彼女の名誉のために戦うべき時、彼らは彼女と戦う愚かとダムサルなど. 森の中に彼女を取得しようとするかのいずれかの忍者は、木から落下して、自分の首を壊します。彼は偉大な神のピッチスプリアスには一致している。 Everything is good until the wicked Samurai have a huge meeting to trick all of the villagers against the good people. Again, still no one cares. Still, no one does nothing. And then when those who could help have the opportunity to do something, they do something so evil that it is the equivalent of wanting to make someone give up on life. Her friend must work against the clock to unite good soldiers, for when the evil-hearted can con those warned about the ploys of the wicked. what hope there is in this war soon extinguishes.

Fairly realistic to real Samurai life, the good elders try to get the dark hearted Samurai girl on the other side to confess the truth about what she has been doing all along. It is not easy. The bad samurai rescue the bad woman and try to continue to support her evil. Fortunately, a painted man with nose ring shows the evil ones how he cuts down a tree. A thick plot with colorful clothing abounds the film, and with a lot of beautiful scenery, seems like a vacation when compared to movies which show only big cities and lots of fumed street cars. Unfortunately, a lot of graphic violence rends the film too unfit for most younger children to be forced to sit through, ましてやを通して生きる. Still, if you are searching for an interesting weekend afternoon film, the samurai put on a quite colorful show, and every second of the battle leaves you both and engaged and breathless at the same time. And the way the lover looks into her eyes and touches her face a hand of real love, makes the film enough worth watching and exhibits that the story has a certain just enough amount of each element to make a balanced drama. Watch to find out whether Super Samurai Girl ever found enough strength to fight her enemies again, or whether any of those she had once fought for ever found a way to fight for her. Sadly the final plot of the film depicts the blood of the innocent flowing thick on the ground while those who once supped on and greatly enjoyed the sufferings of the little Samurai Girl for selfish gain seem to just simply sit around and drink saki and enjoy the good life while ignoring the poor, innocent samurai girl like the plague. But whether ignoring her or helping her evil enemy to advance against her, some forget what is right and what is true and for those, they lose all honor before her eyes. Rated PG.