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Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper review

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Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper


There are a number of good reasons to choose a 10-gallon tank for your hamster. However, there are also advantages to using a cage. If only the two could be combined...Oh, wait! They can be. The Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper allows you to transform your hamster's 10-gallon tank into a spacious, ventilated living space. However, this habitat addition is a great investment for a number of reasons.

Additional space

The most obvious reason to add the topper is that it instantly increases the amount of space in your hamster's habitat. The topper snaps on top of the tank and doubles the square footage of your pet's pad. Now your hamster has tons of space, but you're not losing important space in your home. Because the topper attaches to the top of the tank, chances are you're not losing any valuable space at all.


The Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper is fun for both pet owners and the pet. Not only are you adding multi-level fun to your hamster's home, but you'll get to see your pet more often as they climb up and down the ramps. There's even a food bowl at the top to make feeding your pet easier and to allow you to see your little guy chow down.

Climate control

The big debate over whether or not to choose a tank for your hamster usually involves the climate of your pet's habitat. Tanks are said to be too stuffy and can cause illness, while cages are said to be too ventilated and can let cold drafts into your pet's home (also leading to illness). That's why this habitat addition makes so much sense. The ability to let your pet decide what they need is invaluable. When she gets cold, she can go downstairs into the included house and burrow. If she gets too warm, she can go upstairs and enjoy the cooler air while having a snack.


Last, but not least, the Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper costs less than thirty dollars. With chew and stain-resistant wires, an opening that latches securely, and the ability to easily expand your hamster's living space, that price is a steal.

There you have it. I'm sure you can see the advantages of buying this habitat addition for your hamster. Whether you have a new hamster or and old friend, this will be a welcome addition to their living space. Best of all, the Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper can be purchased in most pet stores that carry small pet supplies.