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Super Bowl win or lose, anyone can go to Disney World with Wonderland tea

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After the game today, Superbowl's MVP will be asked, "What will you do next?" The answer viewers have come to expect is "I'm going to Disney World." However, that treat doesn't have to be exclusive to quarterbacks this Sunday. It can be shared by tea drinkers everywhere without ever picking up a football. Win or lose, anyone can take a quick escape to the famed theme park with a cup of Disney's Wonderland tea.

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Topsy Turvy tea, one in a series of Wonderland Teas, is a suitable choice for Super Bowl Sunday where favored outcomes can do a back-flip over one poorly executed play or an outrageous "Hail Mary" pass with ten seconds left in the game.

Although the name suggests a state of disorder, a cup of Topsy Turvy tea, unlike Super Bowl scores or half-time shows, is always predictably delicious.

A black tea blend with ingredients that include oil of bergamot and orange flavors, Topsy Turvy is much like an Earl Grey. It mixes floral with citrus to make an accessible tea flavor that is a delightful balance of sweet and fruity. It's enjoyable all on its own, although certainly hearty enough to take on milk and sugar.

Like an Earl Grey, this tea pairs well with scones and cream - and for those who dare, perhaps nachos and chicken wings for your football viewing party.

If the big game and high-budget commercials are not entertaining enough, pass around the Wonderland Tea tin and share its humorous labeling. Instructions for making hot tea tell readers to "start at the beginning" while the "how-to's" of preparing iced tea encourage one to "curtsey while you're refrigerating, it saves time."

While our tin of Topsy Turvy was purchased at Disney World, we found it, along with other Wonderland Teas, available on

Today, why not turn your Super Bowl party upside down and serve some Topsy Turvy tea and scones with the pizza and beer? That way, everyone can be an MVP with a hot cup of tea from Disney World.

Reviewer's note: Received Topsy Turvy tea as a gift from a recent guest of Disney World. Enjoyed this so much, will be purchasing more Wonderland Tea to sample.