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Sunday is Changing Minds Online Day!

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The Changing Minds Online Show


Sunday is now Changing Minds Online Day! The Changing Minds Online Show now has a regular day and time, 9 pm EST / 8pm CST every Sunday. The show is kicking off the new day and time on May 18th with an online celebration. The hosts Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz are celebrating 1000 likes and 600 downloads in 46 days. They will also introduce the Thursday "Empowering Women" Series on Thursday nights at 9pm EST / 8pm CST. They will bring guests on to discuss topics that will help women get to the next level of empowerment.

Check out The Changing Minds Online Live every Sunday 9pm EST and The Empowering Women Series Live every Thursday 9pm EST on BlogTalkRadio via phone at (949) 203-4763 or online at If you miss the live show you can listen to any episode on iTunes, Pod-o-matic, YouTube or on the website at Remember that all feedback is welcome so please join the celebration!