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Sunday Hosted a Grand Close to the Inaugural Lauderdale Live 2013!

First Annual Lauderdale Live 2013 - Sunday, December 9th


Sunday morning brought the closing roster for the first annual Lauderdale Live and it provided the most gorgeous day for a back drop to boot! This three day event is worth the investment into weekend passes for next year, indeed, as there is not one part to miss from Friday into Sunday evening. We will be sure to keep you updated on the developments for next year's event!

Image slideshow of the featured live performers for the first annual Lauderdale Live - Sunday, Dec 8,2013
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections
Lyle Lovett and his acoustic band closed the inaugural Lauderdale Live Sunday evening.

Holly Williams opened the live performances for Sunday afternoon with her strong, smokey-touched, style vocal filling the afternoon air. Holly and her band played a great set to open up Sunday's roster at Lauderdale Live. Honestly, her vocal is that of (close your eyes), Joan Jett, if she laid out some blues or country and it is a refreshing thing to take in. Song writing and music are in this woman's blood, as she is the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr.; do not let that over shadow her a bit though, she has taken the torch and made it her own. Sample Holly Williams here and check tour dates and get some tickets to a great show, if Holly is on the bill!

The next band to take our afternoon stage has become a new fave on this fan's list. They are The Wild Feathers, and they are a serious live treat! This band brings back music that is slightly reminiscent of say The Black Crowes, minus the sibling rivalry bouts and a bit more stripped down to a percentage into cleaner and more streamlined deliverance of sound, but with the same energy and lyrical genius as Chris Robinson was in his day, with a dash of Allman Brother smoothness. It just works! The Wild Feathers live will get toes tapping, it is a challenge to remain still, we were still enough to snap the photo and it was a great set. They cover all styles of songs for a variety in their library and they're fabulous whether it's a slower, ballad rendition or a mid level groove with great guitar and lyrics, to the more up and southern rockin' treats they lay down. This band plays extremely well together as a whole, as well as they play 'off' of one another and come together live on a stage. Make sure you stop by The Wild Feathers website and Facebook for more information and any remaining tour dates right here.

Next to the stage was the most powerful duo of sound this fan has seen or heard. Shovels and Rope, out of South Carolina are a duo that make amazing music together and only those two are responsible for the instrument switching sound they produce. They get tossed into the folk folder for a genre category, but they are more mainstream Americana in this fan's opinion and they are all subjective; however, their sound maybe due to it's crisp simplicity blends numerous styles of music pioneers prior into the most energy packed set I have witnessed from only two people playing a simple guitar, drum kit, any percussion anything and harmonica rounded out with one of the clearest and most powerful female vocals to date. Everyone on this tour mentioned how much they enjoyed this duo and the fans did in Lauderdale as well! Stop by and learn more about Shovels and Rope and get all dates here, as there is a Fall headlinig tour on their docket currently!

You can sample some live tracks here, but they got to let loose on our stage a bit more, out in the Lauderdale afternoon on the river.

Jason Isbell and his six piece round up hit the stage next in Huizenga Plaza, including a talented fiddle player and an energizer bunny on keys. Jason is no stranger to music and touring, as he hails from a former project known as the rock band the Drive-By Truckers around 2001.

Jason's music covers interesting labels for genre, in that he covers rock, progressive and alternative country music via his sound and it is a great mix for a live set indeed. This fan appreciates the added adjectives to what fresh artists are bringing to country, rock or whatever it turns out to be. Labels can get to be like fitting a square peg into a round hole and this may settle the rumblings that country isn't really 'country' anymore. Music, like life progresses and alters, it is the tide that rules and this fan appreciates musicians, like Jason and say, a Mr. Urban that can take this open envelope and make it work upon an individually grand scale. This band was fesh off a tour of Switzerland and Norway, if you'd like to talk about winter conditions! Check out Jason Isbell and any remaining tour plane right here.

The next act was two very well known ladies known as the Indigo Girls. This was a refreshing set to take in,as this fan missed the Lilith Fair tours. This set with full band at this launchingevent brought all their favored hits to accompany the sun going down on Sundays festivities. Amy Ray and Emilie Saliers have performed in their duo status since elementary school, released a full length album in 1987 and made quite the name for this folk duo over the 90's and again possibly in this milenium, who is to say, other than these two songstresses out of Decatur, Georgia. You may remember them from their relationship built with and helping to grow the Lilith Fair tours, along side of Sarah McLachlan, into the most successful women's music tours to date for numerous years running. There are fans like this one though that do recall these two sirens starting out of Georgia when she started art school for the first time and their songs played to fill the warehouse halls as we painted our canvas projects. Either way, the Indigo Girls are back for a tour in 2014 and you can get all that information right here.

The headlining performer and his band were just impeccable to the ear in acoustic stylings. Mr. Lyle Lovett and his acoustic string band was the curtain closer for the inaugural Lauderdale Live. Complete with the upright bass, violin and two acoustic guitars, including one with Lyle and a drum kit this band closed out this festival in classic style. All while in matching suit and ties. Lyle and band are out touring in support of his 2012 release titled: Release Me and that classic selection was this man's opening song. This set covered classics from the Lovett library as: "In My Own Mind" and "Nobody Knows Me", among others with selections from Release Me. Sample Lyle Lovett music and tour dates here.

What a beautiful night and end to this event in it's first year! Hats off to everyone involved in planning, promoting and bringing this to life, very well done. Impressive and it was an honor to work with everyone, including all performers as well. Thank you for inviting us!

It was a privilege to work with everyone at Lauderdale Live 2013! A grand musical experience was created and executed rather well for an inaugural opener for an event that will only grow and continue for years to come. Special thanks to all media reps and teams, field contacts and personnel, promoters, crews, staff, security and performing artists; mostly the photogrpahy team and VIP guests making room for us in between the sets. This festival of music made out of mere artistic freedoms among living art and the New River was the best event of 2013 and the best close to a great year! This opportunity is so greatly appreciated, hope to see everyone next year and well into the future. Thanks to Lee DeWyze and Jillette Johnson for their time for interviews, publishing shortly.

Everyone needs to check out cultural and musical events in other surrounding areas, there is a lot of variety in what is happening all over Floirda at the moment, as original and more independent music is becoming more common and accessible live. You can come upon great finds, we will keep you update to events like Lauderdale Live and others coming further north and central in Florida this spring.

A great close to 2013 and a rockin', musical New Year and good things to all in 2014!

If you would like to read part one of our review for Saturday's show for Lauderdale Live, please stop by here and also the interview pieces are posting very soon.

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