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SummerTime Happy Hour at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks

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Happy Hour at Islands Fine Burgers and Dining


Good Day Readers! I hope all your days of Summer are Great and Happy and all your Summer Hours spent with less stress. Less stress is the draw and the theme to the Happy Hour you will find when you stroll on in to Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks in Avondale, Arizona. Their mission statement has remained true to it's founder and his vision; "................... that fresh food, friendly service & a laid back atmosphere is the perfect end to a hard day of work or play." Tony DeGrazier in 1982 founded the first location in Southern California. Islands offers a summertime take on Happy Hour with their Happy Hour menu. Happy Hour at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks during their summertime menu is from 3 to 7 p.m Monday thru Friday only. Short and sweet, but the selections make the visit worth hurrying in to check it out and enjoy the atmosphere, the food and some special drinks. Their menu quote reads, "Offering Stress Relief Monday-Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. in the bar. Some of the drinks on special and signature to Islands are the "Hapa Bourbon Tea", "Spicy Mango Shady", "Sunset Sangria" and all priced at the 4 to five dollar range. Islands offers what they call, "Beach Margs". Their Beach Margs include the "Makaha Maggie" which includes handcrafted pineapple infused Tequila. The Beer and wine category feature Coors Light, and an IPA. Wine specials include a Chardonnay of course, and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Well beverages start at $3.25.

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The Appetizers are simple but the best Islands has to offer. Hand cut Potatoes made into fries and cheese fries taste like none other. The big draw however in the appetizer section is the sliders. Offered are Island's Beach side Sliders and their Hawaiian Sliders at the 4 and 5 dollar range. Other stuff as Island's calls it are their chips and salsa, Quesadillas, and Buffalo wings all for just a few dollars only. It would seem that the Summertime Happy Hour fun at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks is worth stopping in and getting some stress relief. Stress relief of course is what the original concept of Happy Hour is all about. Happy Hour at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks earns an 8.5 on our happy meter which runs from 1 to 10.0 for the simple but to the point Summertime selections at Happy Hour. See you at the next spot.