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Summer Slaughter 2014 Review!

Summer Slaughter 2014 Music Festival


Summer Slaughter 2014 was an incredible line up of: Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Origin, Thy Art is Murder, Boreworm, Decrepit Birth, and, Goatwhore! The hugely acclaimed Metal festival was hosted at the venue The State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 29th, 2014!

Summer Slaughter 2014 Flyer

I was very impressed by all of the bands that were able to give an intense amount of jubilance and energy to the stage for their fans.

Psykotribe, the Metal and uniquely interesting local band, that is ever so popular around here in Florida, received the chance to open for Summer Slaughter. They ripped off everyone’s faces with their crushing sounds and facial make up! They bring a lot of energy and fans with them everywhere they go, whether they are performing live, or just supporting local and internationally acclaimed musicians.

Boreworm, semi-new to the festival, received their chance to be on the festival and took it! They are in the Metal scene with their sound for the long haul as their performance was nothing but amazing! Their genre known as “Progressive Death Metal Sludge”, they crushed their hard and heavy music to the sounds of their new fans! Really crushing and with the “Sludgy” feel to their music, they certainly fit in with their diverse Metal music!

Within The Ruins brought along their hugely popular fan base, and with new music and an album, they really showed all of their fans (new and old alike) how they are still here, and not going anywhere!

Fallujah was another incredible performance, with their sounds they consider to be called “Atmospheric Death Metal”, they bring a whole other sound to what anyone will call Death Metal!

Decrepit Birth looked like their fans were extremely ecstatic to see their awesome riffs live on stage again. With their startling music they refer as “Progressive Death Metal”, it felt like your insides were internally crumbling with happiness and excitement.

Origin had yet again another spectacular performance, thanks to their solid sounds and great lyrical imaginations! Known to their fans as “Death Shred”, they were definitely shredding everyone with their musical anticipations for their fans, as if they were melting faces off.

Goatwhore giving their usual crushing thrash metal gave everyone the recognition to stage dive and slam into each other. Their music always amazing, it was yet again another one of their best performances!

Thy Art Is Murder had an increasing amount of fans moshing to their music that sounded like the walls were escaping from the venue. Known with their genre as “Extreme Metal” and from Sydney, Australia, they definitely showed everyone in the venue what Extreme Metal is.

The Faceless, known for their hard hitting and technical-edgy riffs, and unique sound, brings a whole different plethora of the genre “Technical Death Metal”. They brought their music and all of their energy to the venue and once again could not have left the fans any happier than what they receive with their fan base and music.

Dying Fetus had their copious amount of dedicated Death Metal fans headbanging the hardest, and the sound delivered the toughest. Ears were ringing and the sound was plummeting into a parallel dimension!

Morbid Angel, the headlining act, was yet again another remarkable performance. With crushing tunes, and ripping off your face music, they had everything together for a brilliant night of music and happy fans!

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