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‘Suits’ ‘Buried Secrets’ review: The suspicions of Louis Litt

Louis Litt looks into Mike's Harvard past on 'Suits' 'Buried Secrets.'
Louis Litt looks into Mike's Harvard past on 'Suits' 'Buried Secrets.'
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'Suits' 'Buried Secrets'


When “Suits” returned with its season three midseason premiere -- “Buried Secrets,” which aired March 6 -- it picked up right where it left off. Scottie (Abigail Spencer) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) are together. Rachel (Meghan Markle) decides she’s ready to move in with Mike (Patrick J. Adams). And Louis (Rick Hoffman) is suddenly very suspicious of Mike and his supposed Harvard background.

Of the three storylines though, only one seems to have some serious consequences for the rest of the USA Network drama’s season three. Sure, Harvey has his commitment issues, what with the way he ends up manipulating Scottie’s official hiring at the firm, but he’s clearly making progress in his personal relationships. He is working on his honesty now, after all.

And the same could be said for Mike; after battling, once again, against Rinaldi -- the lawyer who was responsible for a measly settlement after Mike’s parents died -- he realizes its time to move on. But Rachel also takes this moment as an opportunity to remind Mike that, like his father, they should celebrate the small things, like their first date, in their new apartment.

Those “Suits” storylines were sweet and entertaining, despite Michael Phelps’ stilted guest appearance, but they were hardly the big drama of “Buried Secrets.” The big focus is how serious Louis is about investigating Mike’s history with Harvard, and that starts by looking at Harvey’s interview list the day Mike was hired.

Then it quickly becomes clear: Mike Reed doesn’t know how lucky he is to have Donna (Sarah Rafferty) on his side. When Louis tells Donna that he’s going to talk to Sheila about Mike, Donna spins the whole situation around. She gets mad at him for violating her privacy by hacking her system for the interview list and then demands, “If you piss me off that much, what is Sheila going to do when you’ve violated her trust?” Plus there’s an easy solution to this whole thing: just request Mike’s transcript from Harvard, something the gang “fixed” long ago.

But there’s a problem with that too. While Louis gets the transcript no problem, he notices something odd. Mike got an A+ in Professor Gerard’s ethics class, and that professor was famous for never giving higher than an A. That’s enough for his suspicions to grow… again. And just like that, it sounds like Mike has an enormous problem for the rest of season three. With so many people in on the lie now, from Jessica, Harvey, and Donna to Rachel, this probably isn’t going to pretty -- but it will be entertaining.

“Suits” airs on USA Network Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

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