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'Suits' 4x07 'We're Done': Heartbreak city

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Suits Season Four Episode Seven: We're Done


Mike: “You stay the hell away from Rachel.”

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Logan: “Well that’s up to her, but if she does come back here, it won’t be to tell me to stay away.”

“We’re Done” is the July 30 episode of “Suits.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. “Suits” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. central on USA.

Mike doesn't take the Rachel and Logan news well. His reaction is predictable. Mike goes to beat up Logan, breaks up with Rachel, and then he goes to take Forstman’s deal. Nothing really has a shock factor, except for how big of a jerk Logan is, not to mention delusional. He believes Rachel told Mike because she wants to be with Logan. Keep dreaming, buddy. The best part of all of this is that Mike goes to Harvey while Rachel turns to Donna for advice. There are great friendship moments in this episode. Anytime Harvey and Mike have a heart to heart, it is fantastic.

Jeff and Jessica are still working out issues. Is anyone interested in them? It’s not really riveting. Sure, Jessica deserves a love life, but a more exciting one. The Jessica and Jeff scenes aren't anything special. They work on their trust issues, or well it’s more like Jeff needs to learn that he shouldn't get special treatment because he is with Jessica. If the boss says check your work, then check your work! After all, Jeff did make a mistake. It’s hard to think of anything exciting that Jeff and Jessica could get up to in future episodes. Are you enjoying spending time with them?

Once it Louis is shown at Forstman’s, the likelihood that he would run into Mike was very, very strong. Still, Louis pleading with Mike to not take the job is fantastic. Louis sacrifices his plan to make it work with Sheila for Mike. This is an unusual way to get Mike back at Pearson Specter because Mike was right, Jessica would never take him back. Now she has to because telling Louis no to this would make him very suspicious. It will be interesting to see what Mike’s job will be, specifically, because Harvey already has an associate – Rachel.

Louis signing a statement of his guilt does not look good. It’s not like Forstman will just hand that back over. Odds are, Louis’ illegal activity will be the focus of the end of the season. The SEC might pick up on it during the witch hunt.What would be great is if Louis confides in Mike about what he did. They both have history with Forstman, and maybe Louis will feel like Mike owes him. Should Louis open up to Mike about his deal with Forstman?

What did you think of the episode? Isn't Louis just the nicest guy ever? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.