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Suggestions parents should follow on first week of school

Waite until the teacher tells you what is needed before you buy items for school.
Sidney Drabkin

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Suggestions a parent should follow on the first day of school

School starts this month in many of California counties, so what do the kids need for their classes: this questions come up every year.

The only things that the student really needs is a backpack that can handle many books, ruled paper, pencils, a pencil eraser, a pen, and several notebooks. After school starts, your child's teacher will let your child know what they will need in the classroom.

Do not waste your money buying anything else. Why do I say this? As a teacher for 35-years, when the first day of school was over, I would find almost a ream of line paper thrown around in the classroom. I would gather this paper and put in my desk. I would almost have a box of pencils, which I found thrown on the floor. Scotch tape, colored paper, rulers, and notebooks are items, for some reasons, I would always find on the floor, or in a trash can.

If your child is is going to bring a lunch from home, the best thing for several days is to bring it in a paper bag. The reason is that your child does not have to worry about carrying a lunchbox to school and then home. Remember, they are going to have several heavy books to carry and worry about, so why should they have to worry about an expensive lunchbox.

If it's the first time that your child is attending school, make sure that they have a copy of their address, their birthdate, their phone number, their full name, and the name of their school. Many times, I had to make phone calls, to a child's parent, to get this information for my class records.

You must remember that their teacher will have about thirty students, or more, on the first day of school. Usually, the first week of school your child might be moved to several classroom before they settle in a room. The school has to balance every classroom out sexually and racially and to do this your child might be moving several times before they are put in a permanent classroom.

If you follow these suggestions, your child will have a good start at school for the first semester.

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