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Sugaring your way to beautiful skin: Studio Smooth in East Grand Rapids

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Studio Smooth


Does the New Year usually make you want to change something? Do you ever look in the mirror, liner or mascara in hand, and think, ‘Wow, how did I ever stumble in to this mind-numbingly boring rut?’ Do you catch yourself doing the same beauty routine you’ve done for years and want to start something new? You’re not alone, and we’ve all been there. If you haven’t, you’re lying to yourself, and you should keep reading. This quick bit of literature is meant to motivate you into a new era of self-righteousness and confidence, as most of us secretly wish to walk in to the room and just have it going on. Now, let’s turn some heads.

If you are lucky enough to call Grand Rapids home, congratulations! You are in what Lonely Planet considers to be the number one tourist spot for 2014. You’re going to be getting a lot of exposure really soon to tourists from all over, if they take head of all of the recent ravings this gem of West Michigan has gotten. If you’re into the idea of being a face of Grand Rapids, you probably want to check out some places that can help you look like a million bucks. (But nobody is saying you aren’t already, you sassy work of art – but who doesn’t love to spoil themselves regardless?)

First up on the list of places to go is Studio Smooth in East Grand Rapids. Located in the D&W plaza on Wealthy Street, the studio is the only one of its kind that specializes in sugaring hair removal in Michigan. Clients come from as far as Detroit to receive the ancient beauty treatment, and Studio Smooth removes body hair from ‘the eyebrows to the ankles’, as specified on their home page. Sugaring hails from ancient Egypt and Greece, and is actually a lot more comfortable than traditional waxing. It involves a paste that is ‘pure, 100 percent natural - consisting of sugar, lemon juice, guar gum and water blended into a substance that looks and feels like honey’ ( After the paste is applied, a swift ‘flick’ of the esthetician’s hand whisks away the mixture and the hairs to which it was applied and voila! Instantly smooth skin, achieved comfortably and organically, without all of the nasty side effects traditional waxing can have. Skin stays bare for up to five weeks, and clients can go longer between visits with added frequency. Studio Smooth provides services for men and women, and more information (including pricing!) can be found at