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Sucker Punch’s Baby Doll from Gentle Giant

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Baby Doll from Gentle Giant


Up next from the folks over at Gentle Giant is another lovely lady in the Sucker Punch line. This time it is none other than Baby Doll; the institutionalized cutie who refuses to go down without a fight. Baby Doll leads a rag-tag group of mental patients through three levels of reality in a fantastic struggle for life, sanity, and freedom.

Sculpted in the same vein as Amber, Baby Doll strikes a museum pose. She stands with her inscribed Katan unsheathed and at the ready. She is letting her captors, Blue, Madam Gorski, and the High Roller know that nobody puts Baby in the corner…err nut house.

Again showing their artistry, Gentle Giant captures that wonderful poutiness that personifies actress Emily Browning; clearly seen in Baby Doll’s features. Their artistry can also be seen in Baby Doll’s vintage 1911 pistol and inscribed samurai sword.

Going for the innocent but deadly look, Bay Doll is sculpted in a school girl/sailor outfit; looking like she walked off the set of Blood the Last Vampire. Thigh highs and bare midriff aside, Britney Spears, she’s not. Baby Doll takes on Mech Suits and Zombie Nazis all while wearing heals and pigtails.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, Baby Doll stands a whopping 18 inches tall. She can be found at Alter Ego Comics for $224.99 and at Westfield Comics for $200.00. Even though she is still just a pre-order, she is already sold out at many of the popular statue sites. Pre-order as soon as possible and expect to see her in stores April 2011.