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Such a gift: 'Funny Girl' at Village

Sarah Rose Davis as Fanny Brice and John David Scott as Eddie Ryan.
Sarah Rose Davis as Fanny Brice and John David Scott as Eddie Ryan.
Tracy Martin

Funny Girl


Village Theatre's "Funny Girl" is exactly what you want from a night of musical theatre. Based on vaudeville star Fanny Brice's meteoric rise to fame, the show features a plethora of hit tunes ("Don't Rain on My Parade," "I'm the Greatest Star," "People," "Sadie, Sadie"), is peppered with comedic bits and energetic dance numbers, and tempered by a hint of pathos as it follows her tragic romance with gambler Nick Arnstein.

The cast is solidly talented, from the ensemble all the way up to the funny girl herself. Sarah Rose Davis as the titular broad has an incredible voice that is a delight to hear at her full glory. John David Scott as Eddie Ryan, Fanny's friend and choreographer, walks away with every scene, especially during his tap number with the suitcase. Bobbi Katula plays Mrs. Brice and leads the bevy of meddlesome Henry Street women, including the very funny Jayne Muirhead as Mrs. Strakosh, with a hilarious iron fist. Bill Forrester's sets and Karen Ann Ledge's costumes are bright and colorful, both tipping a hat to the famous film and giving audiences something new to enjoy.

The only thing is that the love story is sort of a bummer. Talented, but insecure, Fanny doesn't believe a homely girl like her could bag a hot guy like Nick. Unfortunately, she's pretty much willing to sacrifice anything to keep him and, frankly, he's not really worth the trouble. Especially since you just love Davis as Fanny so much, you want to just tell her to dump the loser. Fortunately, the driving force behind "Funny Girl" is about a woman in the arts who wanted something and didn't take "no" for an answer, and if that's not something to love, then get out of town and take a bus.


"Funny Girl"

Village Theatre

Issaquah Run: Now through July 6, 2014
Tickets $30 - $65

Everett Run: July 11 – August 3, 2014
Tickets $25 - $60