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Style Edit comes out with new dry shampoo

Style Edit Dry Shampoo


Style Edit has created a dry shampoo that actually works without leaving the hair white or chalky looking. The company Style Edit has introduced many innovative products to the industry giving stylists more options for their clients. Dry Shampoo's used to be used in hospitals and nursing homes because it was designed for the people who couldn't get in a bath or shower. However now we use it for styling purposes, and it didn't take long for it to take off.

How to use dry shampoo. Spray at the root and scalp area.
Photo by Cindy Ord

Now a days we know that it's not great to wash your hair everyday so everyone who gets greasy and has to usually wash their hair on a daily basis should have this product in their arsenal. It comes in an aerosol can and all you do is shake the can, and spray it directly on your scalp. Run your hands through and restyle. It absorbs the oils from the previous product and your scalp which allows you to get through another day. So many of these products tend to leave the hair chalky or white looking, but Style Edit has managed to change that. there is no residue left behind nor any discoloration giving you results that are appreciated. Style Edit's Dry Shampoo has a lovely fragrance that's sure to please any nose.

The company also offers grey root concealer in four complimentary shades Black, Auburn, Medium Brown and Blonde. If you have grey hair and you can't get in for a touch up every month, or you're going on a long trip and can't get in to see your stylist, then this product should go right along with you! Shake this little can and make quick little sprays camouflaging your greys right away. Usually just down your part-line and hair-line is sufficient but you can be the judge of that. This product also works well for covering bald patches or you can try their other product Hair Filler. Hair Filler is an aerosol can full of hair fibers that make the hair appear fuller and thicker. No more messing around with those loose powders to sprinkle on your head, now your can just spray your way to fuller looking hair ! Shake the can and use quick bursts to camouflage thinner looking hair, it takes some practice at first so try it out before you use it to go out. It is also a great way to camouflage scars on your head. Hair Filler is also available in Black, Brown, Auburn and Blonde and is another great product to carry with you where ever your go.

Style Edit's products are either available online on their website or at local salons in your area. You should be able to find a salon near you on their website if you are looking for a place to try the product before you buy it. Salon's should have testers available with stylists who can give you tips and pointers. Most of these products shouldn't cost you more then twenty-five dollars, and they last a pretty long time if you use them correctly. Style Edit has made life a little easier with just these three products and we are looking forward to seeing if they have anything else they will introduce in the future. If you are having a hard time getting it, maybe ask your stylist if she would be willing to get it for you. Sometimes even if it's not something they normally carry they may be ordering something else from a distributor that carries it and they may be able to just order that when they're placing their regular order so that it's not any inconvenience to them and you get what you've been looking for.