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Style and substance: Virtual Surround Sound Headphones by Monoprice

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Premium Virtual Surround Sound Bluetooth On-the-Ear Headphones w/ Apt-X by Monoprice


Last month, the Premium Virtual Surround Sound On-the-Ear Headphones w/ Apt-X (#10585) by Monoprice were featured in a Need-to-Know article right here in this column. In that article, you learned that, like many products from Monoprice, these headphones have a long list of features and a shockingly low price. In this article, we are going to dig a little deeper to see what it’s like to live with the 10585s and to find out exactly what you get for less than ninety bucks.

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These virtual surround sound headphones are not entirely dissimilar to the Premium Bluetooth Over-the-Ear Headphones reviewed here, which is to say they are pretty darn good. Each earpiece is filled with four speakers and each speaker helps to fill your head with the noise of your choice, and depending on that choice, the listening experience can be pretty over the top. These headphones produce a lot of bass that is nicely balanced with a blend of high- and midtones pushed out by the three 13mm tweeters in each earpiece. The overall effect is one of a broad soundscape that makes it seem like the sound is coming from all directions instead of just two as is the case with standard stereo headphones. Pretty amazing for wireless headphones costing less than 90 bucks.

The alphabet soup of features (Apt-X, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP), which make these headphones so dang special become the stuff of distant memory once the headphones are paired up and blasting tunes. Yes, it is nice that there is some two-way communication going on between the headphones and the device to which they are connected, but when you are lost in a musical moment, none of these features matter. What does matter is the sound, and the sound produced by these headphones is spectacular.

These headphones would be a good deal at around the 200 dollar mark. Companies like Harmon Kardon, Nokia, and Bose sell comparable headphones at around that price point every day. The Premium Virtual Surround Sound On-the-Ear Headphones w/ Apt-X (#10585) by Monoprice, however, don’t cost anywhere near $200. In fact, they cost a mere $89.50 which, considering their top-notch performance, makes them a fantastic bargain whether you are thinking of a pair for yourself or the grad or dad in your immediate vicinity. For more information about or to make a purchase of the 10585 headphones, click here.

**Full disclosure: These headphones were provided at no cost for editorial consideration. To think otherwise would be unsound.