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‘Strength for the Moment,’ by Lori Hogan

Image-Random House Publishing
by Lori Hogan amazing tool that belongs in every caregiver’s home for periods of encouragement and brief moments of prayer...


‘Strength for the Moment,’ by Lori Hogan, Image-Random House Publishing, 2012, 304 Pages, Hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-0307887009, $18.00

If you have cared for or continue to care for a loved one with diminished physical or mental capacity, Hogan’s new release, “Strength for the Moment” is an inspiring must read. Fifty-four inspirational narratives speak to the unrelenting demands and challenges caregivers face.

Stories begin with an introduction by the author where she briefly shares her “…own thoughts and experiences” of caregiving. Followed by Scripture, a short narrative and a caregiver’s prayer that is “…meant to bless…and give God’s strength for…every caregiving task.”

Stories are true, yet accounts share common experiences and emotions such as depression, a sense of guilt for awful feelings and isolation. However, the stories also provide practical advice, encouragement and hope with the realization that caregiver’s are not alone.

For example, LuAnn’s story, The Ladder of Love, where she learned to look at her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease as a “two-sided ladder, with each rung representing a year.” Until age seventy-one, her mother “advanced in age up one side of the ladder.” Then Alzheimer’s disease brought LuAnn’s mother down the opposite side of the ladder where her behavior indicated which age she had regressed to.

At age six LuAnn saw the correlation between her mother and her six-year-old granddaughter Jaiden’s behavior, where her mother would “…scold, pick on, and blame Jaiden…” Her heart ached until she realized her mother had “regressed to a little girl too.”

Or when her mother “turned three,” became demanding and pouted” when she wouldn’t play with her, just like any three-year-old. Then the “terrible two’s” which brought temper tantrums and jealousy where her mother would say about her husband, “What is he doing here? I thought we got rid of him!”

Then the final decision when her mother turned “eighteen months.” LuAnn could no longer care for her beloved mother and had to make the most difficult decision, one she could only make with prayer—put her mom in an Alzheimer’s care center where she now visits and reads Bible stories to her.

Caregivers give of themselves when they accept the challenge and demands to care for those they love. This insightful book is an amazing tool that belongs in every caregiver’s home for periods of encouragement and brief moments of prayer.

Hogan honors caregivers with her book and says, “I wrote the book to affirm and encourage them in their labor of love, since a family caregiver, over time, can pay a high emotional, physical, social and financial price for their unselfish acts.”

Proceeds from the book “…will be donated to the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation.”

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