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Street Fighter 4 Cammy Bishojou figure by Kotobukiya

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Continuing with their line of Bishojou figures, Kotobukiya introduces the second of their Street Fighter 4 figures, Delta Red Cammy. Back in January, the company began the Street Fighter figure line with the iconic leading lady of the franchise, Chun-Li. They've already announced upcoming figures for Juri Han, Sakura Kasugano, and Poison.

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Once again, compared to their counter parts, Cammy appears to be a nice sized 1/7 rather than the slightly smaller scaled figures from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 line. Most of the larger figures from the Capcom Girls Collection by Yamato feature Cammy in her Shadowloo Killer Bee outfit. This particular one features Cammy in the outfit she wore in her first appearance as a member of the Delta Red unit. As you can see in the slideshow, they went into great detail with her design, highlighted by her beret, boots, gloves, and skin tight outfit. They even went so far as to really emphasize her killer abs, her strand of hair flying from her bangs, and her famous behind. The base is actually changed from all other figures in the Bishojou line. Instead of being a circle, Cammy's is an oval in order to accommodate her wide stance.

Cammy was the second female character introduced into the Street Fighter universe, so its only fitting that she was the second figure to be released. In the slideshow, you see that her and Chun-Li look marvelous when paired together. That alone should make you want to go out and nab her for your collection. Street Fighter fans should be sure to keep a look out for the other figures as well.