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Drivin Rain (Bonestock 2014) & The Strange Fruit

"Then God got tired of all of that 70's access. That's why he invented the sex pistols."


Love is the hate that melts the wax of wings. ~ Strange Fruit

Drivin Rain @ Bonestock 2014-slide0
Bonestock Radio Station
The lead singer of Strange Fruit, and just like Timexx Nasty arrobe a golden glitter cloak begins to sing that edge on a misty, but large underground like shag English theater stage. The performance more rough pristine than any around the band transforms.
Timexx Nasty, Lead Singer Drivin' Rain

A free spirit rock group who goes by the name of the Strange Fruits reminisce about the Druid Circle and of all of the places you go. "A pretty strange reunion. I suppose I might get a Shepard's pie out of it," assuages the drummer. "If you guys are still cu-razy, an I'm out ere." A message from the gods of rock and roll traipses upon a knoll of Irish countryside there, and pretty soon turns down with a portable juke playing one of the greatest hits the band made. After a few sad things gone wrong, such as the death of a dear band member, the group puts an ego or two behind and forges on. Gathering the band back together again though almost means going halfway around the world. But still, Still Crazy, a film about a band taking off again after a brief setback, the European worldwide tour goes on worldwide. Art even imitates art here, Production Designer Max Gotlieb made sure as the both the finale and the restart tour song mystifies the pattern same as on the Drivin Rain video here of the band singing, Teardrop In The Rain, and the final first begin of the song sung by the fictitious band of the film of the present critique. The film though although a fictitious even, does not fail to prelude a very real live concert event coming up this weekend. For more information on the outdoor concert where the real band compared, Drivin Rain with lead singer, Timexx Nasty, Skully Shemwell (Dark Road) on bass guitar, Geep on drums and Kevin on second guitar string perfoms on June 7, 2014, Saturday night live for a Woodstock endemic rock concert, click on the following link @

One questions whether the loss makes the band. But the band of the film just like Drivin Rain, literally pulls themselves up by a bootstrap, and consider to consider everything a real band does. The kind of show that is because it can, "aye." In comparison to a fiction story about a band depiction of how a band with a passion, reconciled a loss of a young band member. And healed from some other serious things too, transgressed a band of progress upon a path of wrought broken glass anyway. One very real band of the kind of substance that goes all the way to the top of that on a heartbeat, Drivin Rain soon to perform live at Bonestock knows the aftermath of a larger fan residue post the tragedies lived. Just like the things which the band of the film had to overcome, the Drivin Rain band has known what it means to suffer just to come along. A song written by a real band, Timexx Nasty & Drivin Rain sing about a teenage girl who runs away from home and for whom they suggest to try to make a new start and go back home to her own real parents, her family. So beautiful. Just a few of the profound and deep lyrics as follows. "Don't Be a Tear Drop In The Rain, dry up your tears, and start again. And don't be a tear drop in the rain, if you really want to try again, forget about the past, and go on home." Just like the band here also and the sad guitar song he wrote after his fellow band member died of a drug overdose after refused the help he needed, Drivin Rain wrote that song with an original lyric profound, and has a flame that still burns stronger as well.

The lead singer of Strange Fruit, and just like Timexx Nasty arrobe a golden glitter cloak begins to sing that edge on a misty, but large underground like shag English theater stage. The performance more rough pristine than any around, the band transforms from a time of brief sabbatical to a rise up greater than the once prior. People and fans tired of the regular pop fan star, as ready for a fresh air band than ever, the real band Drivin Rain alike the fictitious film band of that stream alone, comes signed, sealed and ready to give a top performance. And with no real rest of any great pronouncement, the first band just as the second band went through that brief underwater swim at nightfall. No rescue in sight came, and then those who pushed a multitude of other bands to endear fame before them, had somehow managed to bust through the ice. Just as the film portrays, Karen the prior band manager who loves to chase ghosts comes to the rescue of the band. The band already on the road, gets a sign from heaven after the sign after they see the ghost of the dead band member advise them to head out. And just like Strange Fruit, the Drivin' Rain band who already got a few messages from heaven about this of their own, via message by a live bat who flew during a real live gala reunion band practice of Drivin Rain. Then there was the moth with a bat face who attached herself to the hood of the car and just as The Bone started playing, Highway To Rock. "All over the world," the Strange Fruit Band of the fiction film which portrays a same now for the Drivin Rain band, a groupie en route on down a dusty road, after the band stopped by a temporary problem, has one of the original band T-Shirts on and tells them her father gave it to her just before he died. She tells them something which inspires them just as they thought to give up, just before they hit the new big times. "He loved your band." Added on a twenties something guy as an extra guitar player, but forgetting to calculate some experience worth the concert hall for the road ahead. The band realizing a still early fourties endemic, finds encouragement through the girl, and discovers that they are after all the perfect season, for the will to make it, to go on ahead and embrace the invitation to the top, and trump the survive. Rated R for possible fiction and adult supervision. Once again, to recap on the real band, Timexx Nasty & Drivin Rain perform live at Bonestock 2014 this Saturday at about 7:00 p.m.

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