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Story of Biblical proportions comes alive for Baltimore group

Sight and Sound Theatre's production of 'Moses'
Sight and Sound Theatre's production of 'Moses'
by V. M. Oliver-Lawson

Sight and Sound Theater production of 'Moses'


A group of members and friends from Baltimore's City Temple Baptist Church, 317 Dolphin Street, took a trip to Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA Thursday June 19, 2014. The purpose was to see the musical production of the Biblical story of 'Moses'as he delivers the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt. This epic experience presents the story from the releasing of Baby Moses on the Nile to the presentation of the Ten Commandments.

The production is complete with livestock -- goats, sheep, camels, horses and birds--and special digitally--based effects which captivated theatregoers' attentions and allowed them to experience the Burning Bush, the parting of the Red Sea as well as the plagues which Moses brought against Egypt. The scenery is filled with dazzling and colorful effects and morphs from one scene into another, right before the audiences' eyes.

The play, further, presents themes of deliverance from bondage as well as hope for the trials we experience in everyday living. There is another theme of help for the helpless and hurting.

This production has all the pageantry and splendor more than equal to that of a Broadway show. Some literary license is taken as the play presents Moses as an everyman type of character, full of doubt and with a speech impediment. There are additional minor characters written into some scenarios, which have no effect, however, on the outcome of the play. The production, Moses' tries to remain true to the Biblical story.

The group from Baltimore was thoroughly entertained as they watched even the aisles of the theatre being used throughout the performance.
Cassandra Galloway, who had heard about the production through a friend, said she thought the play was wonderful. Isabella Dowery, amid descriptors of awesome and fantastic, stated that the players were fantastic and really did their jobs.

The two act, seventeen scene production is being performed from now until April 18, 2015 at Sight and Sound Theatres, 300 Hartman Bridge Road in Ronks, PA.

The goal of Sight and Sound Theatres is to bring the Bible to life through use of story, song and special effects. The theatre spends approximately three years to bring these stories to fruition. The next production is slated to be the Bible story 'Joseph'.

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