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Storm #1 review

storm #1


Storm, Ororo Munroe, first appeared in Giant Size X Men #1 in 1975. She was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. She has the ability to control the weather, so watch out if you make her mad she just might send a light bolt or a tornado after you.

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Marvel has given us another new series based off one of the many members of the X Men. Storm #1 is written by Greg Pak with art by Victor Ibanez. The story starts off with Storm telling us about herself. We hear some of how she felt as a child with the power to control wind. Soon we see she is in Santo Marco saving the village from a tsunami. Then we see like in most X Men stories that not everyone is happy with mutants. Back at the school is like normal some drama going down with a student of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.


It's another X Men story. Who doesn't like reading about the X Men? Storm is a powerful character with a lot to give us story wise. The art is beautiful and we have our mohawk rocking Storm back. The story is easy to follow along with and would be great for a first time reader of X Men or someone who is new comics all together.


The story is really slow paced. One good thing about most X Men stories is that they are fast paced and full of action. This issue really wasn't that for me. The only action we got with in the first couple of pages when she was stopping the tsunami. At times I was wondering when the story would be over so I didn't have to read anymore. The ending was also a disappointment. I was hoping since the story was slow that the ending would leave us looking forward to the next issue, but it didn't. The ending was just that, a perfectly tied up ending, not something I like to see in a first issue.

Have you read this issue? What did you think and what are your hopes for the rest of the series?

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