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Stop the Bully, a book on the "ground rules" of bullying cessation

A book from an experienced martial artist on the "ground rules" of bullying cessation
Mike Huard

Stop the Bully: A detailed game plan to defeat bullies [Kindle Edition]


Stop the Bully, released on August 24 through via Kindle Reader, is Mike Huard’s third martial arts e-book. As a martial artist for over 40 years with many years of experience as an instructor helping children of all ages, Mr. Huard shares his knowledge on bullying and how to stop it before it can damage the victim.

The overall premise of Stop the Bully is that everyone deserves respect and when a child chooses to bully, they have chosen to limit or take away that basic respect. This is the problem that must be dealt with, quickly and effectively, if we are to help the vicitm and stop the bully. Mr. Huard addresses this idea and shows how to deal with the problem effectively while avoiding violence if possible. The book gives the reader excellent advice all aspects of dealing with bullying, including physical confrontation and how to keep safe in the face of physical attack.

Stop the Bully: A detailed game plan to defeat bullies introduces victims and their families to the concept of “ground rules”. These “ground rules” are the blueprint for dealing with bullying including how to: avoid bad situations, utilize verbal self-defense tactics, report incidents in an effective manner, and as a last resort, physically fight off the bully. Mr. Huard does a wonderful job of educating victims and their families on the correct ways to deal with bullying in all forms. With Cyber-Bullying becoming a larger and larger issue in our “electronic culture”, Mr. Huard offers some very straight forward and powerful advice on dealing with it.

Stop the Bully: A detailed game plan to defeat bullies [Kindle Edition]
Release Date: August 24, 2014
File Size: 7455 KB
Print Length: 147 pages
Language: English

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