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Stone Sour fills their 'house' in Boston despite frigid weather

Stone Sour's concert at House Of Blues Boston


There may not be a lot of snow on the ground but it sure as hell feels like the north pole when you step outside. To quote the great Yukon Cornelius, "It isn't a fit night out for man nor beast." That was neither an exception nor a hindrance for Stone Sour fans last night as they braved the arctic conditions to see the band perform at the House Of Blues on their House of Gold and Bones Tour. The line outside was not nearly what it would have been in the summer or even if the weather was just normal; you could wait longer at the RMV. Given the temperature was a whopping 10 degrees or so, the majority of fans decided to skip the frostbite by coming after the doors opened or went to eat dinner next door, which afforded them the luxury of skipping the line and getting early access by presenting their receipt.

Stone Sour, House Of Gold and Bones Tour
Amber Stevens

The band also had its battles with the winter weather as they were forced to cancel the previous night's show in Sayerville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom and make an 11 hour trip up to Boston. Hours before the show, Corey Taylor tweeted to fans saying "It took us 11 hours, but we're here! See you tonight BOSTON!"

Stolen Babies and Pop Evil were the supporting bands. SB didn't seem to generate much excitement, but then again the audience was still practically half frozen. By the time PE's set started the crowd seemed to be warmed up and there was a lot more energy in the room after that.

Stone Sour clearly love Boston, and it was evident how happy they were to play here again for the second time in a year (April 2013 they played HOB on the Revolver Road to the Golden Gods Tour). Their performance was great though they appeared a little weary, especially Taylor, who seemed winded at times (mostly near the end though) and took an unusual amount 'water breaks' during the set. He did admit that the cold wreaks havoc on his voice and asked the crowd if he sounded okay. Obviously no one said he sucked and given the effort that went into getting here in the first place, a little slack was in definitely order.

The songs were a mix of older and new, spanning all albums:

The House of Gold & Bones
Say You'll Haunt Me
Black John
Made of Scars
Mission Statement
The Travelers, Pt. 1
Through Glass
Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover)
Blue Smoke
Do Me a Favor
Gone Sovereign
Absolute Zero

In the midst of the aforementioned affects from the cold, Taylor and his band mates kept the strong stage presence they are know to have and made the night a success. A highlight of the night was hearing the entire hall sing along to Bother and it's hard to say who was the loudest. As the fans began chanting his name, Taylor paused and shook his head, giving them a 'cheers' with a water bottle and a smile that flickered from ear to ear. If he couldn't already tell, Boston also loves Stone Sour.

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