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"Stonadao" Review

Courtesy Mar Vista Entertainment



Look, up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a storm. No, it's giant rocks that will rain on your head right before they explode. Welcome to weather based mayhem aptly called "Stonados."

Boston gets bitten by the apocalyptic weather bug as if watching Tom Brady get beaten by Peyton wasn't bad enough. The movie opens with Plymouth Rock mysteriously being swept into an instant tornado (along with a tour guide) and flung dozens of miles away. Retired stormchaser and current high school teacher Joe Randall (Paul Johansson) is brought in by his cop sister Maddy (Miranda Frigon) and runs into Joe's old colleague (Sebastian Spence). That freak storm gets even freakier as other storms pop up around town spewing rocks the size of beach balls that smash windows, kill people and explode.


What wacky weather phenomenon could cause exploding rocks to hurl from the sky? Well, it has to do with trapped gases, volcanoes and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, and you get to see a Swan Boat get destroyed, because if it's one thing exploding rocks hate, it's Swan Boats. The only thing sillier than this premise is how they actually fight this ticked off tribute to global warming. Of course, this Syfy movie original was brought to you by the people who created such classics as "Super Eruption," "Seattle Superstorm," and of course, "Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators." Only one of them may star Meryl Streep. Ok, none of them do.

If you wanted to love "Sharknado," but wasn't feeling the shark thing, then you'll love "Stonado," it's got enough humor, action and people blowing up to make the 88 minute running time fly by. Disaster film and documentary director Jason Bourque makes an entertaining weather thriller that's family fun if you leave your disbelief at the door. It's got family bonding, a love story and an authority figure that gets blown up mid-sentence.

Johannson deserves some kind of award for keeping a straight face through this film, but I'm sure his focus was on a possible sequel, much like yours will be as you wonder if SyFy can top this boulder based work of art. Spence as the middle aged adrenaline junkie is just the wiseass that makes the chemistry work not only with Johannson, but also with Maddy, who constantly shoots down his romantic advances.

"Stonadaos" is as fun and silly as the name implies. The performances are good enough to keep you entertained and if you like laughing while weather takes people out one by one, then this is the guilty pleasure you've been waiting for. Best of all, no sharks were harmed in the making of this film, although some CGI guys may have had to put in some overtime.

"Stonados" MPAA: Unrated. Running time: 88 minutes