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‘Still Mine’ is a hidden treasure

Still Mine


Still Mine” could have easily turned into a mushy, made-for-TV movie if it went into the wrong hands. As it is, though, the little-seen indie, which recently released to Blu-ray, is a charming, humorous, and heartbreaking film.

'Still Mine' poster
Samuel Goldwyn Films

James Cromwell, who has been magnificent in supporting roles over the years, takes his shot at the lead and knocks it out of the park. He plays Craig Morrison, a baseball-loving, hard-working man who lives with his wife in the coastal region of New Brunswick. Craig has a knack for building things, and he wants to build a new, smaller place for him and his wife. But new regulations are trying to prevent him from doing so.

The law coming after him is one thing, and the other is his wife, Irene (the fantastic Genevieve Bujold) is showing signs of dementia. Craig’s kids keep suggesting a nursing home, but he scoffs at the idea. He loves his wife, and he wants to be with her – even through the toughest times.

We see so many Hollywood films where it’s the obnoxious love triangle, and the young woman can’t decide on whom she wants to date, marry, or whatever. Director Michael McGowan doesn’t go anywhere near those waters; he focuses on the long-lasting marriage and the difficulties that follow in the elder years.

There is a scene where Craig recalls a past fling, but McGowan knows not to let that take over the rest of the film. This is a film about the now and living in it with the one you love.

Despite a few setbacks, including some oddly chosen dialogue, “Still Mine” is a beautifully told and beautifully shot love story. With the Blu-ray, you just get the movie and a few trailers. While it’s unfortunate that there aren’t any special features to go along with “Still Mine,” the film itself is a real treat to own by itself.

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