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Sticky Monsters

Sticky Monsters by John Kenn Mortensen
Sticky Monsters by John Kenn Mortensen
Square Peg, Trafalgar Square Publishing from IPG

Sticky Monsters, by John Kenn Mortensen


Other-worldly beings lurk and loom, above and below. What seems safe and comfortable is so very unsafe. The island where you've pitched your tent is actually the back of a five headed beast with empty eyes and fangs the length of a man! Remember the movie "Critters"? Well, there's something with a mouth similar to that, twice the size of your house, with Froudish ears, and again - those empty eyes, perched on your roof. It looks hungry and somehow quite amused. Fancy a relaxing afternoon, rowing your boat in peace? Guess what?! Knowing what's left the comfort of the depths to pay you a visit would chill you to your core.

The images compiled in Sticky Monsters, by John Kenn Mortensen, are compared to images by Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey. Although I can see why it's said, these sticky (note) monsters are unique. Their uniqueness goes beyond the open-ended imagination stimulation and eeriness. They're all drawn on yellow sticky notes. Many of us have used them for years and years. We jot down things we need to remember or messages we want to relay. "Pick Up Milk!" Traced over several times to be certain its importance is notable, even with a peripheral glance. I've come across sticky notes with sweet little smiles, drawn by my children. When I find those graced with doodles, it's as if they capture a time and place. The image conjures the emotion connected and makes those sticky notes a keepsake. Mortensen takes sticky note keepsakes to a whole other realm!

His blog explains how terribly busy he is writing, directing, and parenting twins. In the moments he is able to, John grabs his yellow sticky notes and doodles ominous monsters into life. I must admit, though I knew it was a coffee table book, I expected some sort of words to coincide with the images. What I didn't know was that this man's sticky notes spawn the stories on their own.

The children were very interested. What do you mean it's a book of pictures from sticky notes? There isn't a story? That's all it took; those limited seconds of curiosity met with images that create a plethora of possible stories! The three of us sat down and would hardly finish an idea for what could be happening in the current photo, only to have another of us excitedly exclaim what gruesome tale is unfolding on the page next to it. The images induced both giggles and gasps. The young ones were no longer asking to play with their electronics and instead wanted to turn the page to see what was next.

If you're a fan of campfire stories, unique artistic expression, bizarre possibilities, supernatural doodles, or conversation starting coffee table books, be sure to pick up a copy of Sticky Monsters by John Kenn Mortensen. These amusingly peculiar doodles really do appear to have crawled onto post-it notes when darkness fell.

ISBN 9780224095761

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