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Stevens Restaurant: Thanks for the memories

Memory lane for many
Memory lane for



"I love Stevens,” my daughter said sitting across from me in one of the many booths we had occupied over the years. Twenty-four years old and her first memory was probably at the age of two that included Stevens Restaurant in Woodridge. Over 25 years to be accurate and in more than one building; a family dining experience that celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and just a about any occasion that required a field trip, anytime of day.

It all started at the corner of 63rd and Woodward, my families first introduction to the original Stevens restaurant that offered large portions of great breakfasts, lunches and of course, my favorite for dinner, Greek chicken.

And I even remember the toddler seats for my son and daughter as they became comfortable anxiously waiting for the opportunity to color pictures in Stevens own children’s activity books. I remember the family fun shared with neighbors. And I remember the sad times, too, when relatives and loved ones passed away and our table became just a little bit smaller. Though, always highlighted in conversation as the years moved on.

But most of all, I remember the service.

Over the years, servers have come and gone, out with the old, in with the new as well as the relocation of Stevens to 2393 on 63rd street with more elegance in window treatments, artwork and a separate room for parties. But the owners did not change and watched my own grow older as we all did. Still, the same smiles and greetings as if nothing had changed. It was a gift that Stevens could relate to the past and present just like home; just like family.

The menu now offers more healthy style dishes such as chicken wraps, cheese crepes, and low calorie food, but the pastry cabinet remains the same; another treat that included chocolate cake, pie and whatever was your favorite dessert to eat in or take home.

For us, taking home our piece of chocolate creme pie or key lime was another pleasure to remember; the finale of all meals that never resulted in a problem, concern or complaint.