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Steven Reviews "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls"

Screenshot of the new character class: the Crusader.
Screenshot of the new character class: the Crusader.
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls


I’ve heard the following quote from all sorts of players in regards to this game: “If you didn’t like Diablo III at launch, you’ve got to play Reaper of Souls!” And they are absolutely right!

Reaper of Souls not only adds Act V to the game and bumps up the max level to 70, but makes huge changes to the core gameplay that improves the whole experience immensely. The old difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno have vanished. Instead you can choose between Normal, Hard, Expert, Master, and Torment I – VI, and you can adjust the difficulty at any time! Playing on a higher difficulty gives you access to better loot as well as more gold and experience from monsters and quests.

The part that’s likely going to bring back players who didn’t care for the original Diablo III is the new loot system, dubbed “Loot 2.0.” Now that the Diablo III Auction House has been shut down, the developers have enjoyed the freedom to let legendary and set items drop more regularly within the game. Best of all, nearly all the loot is tailored to the class you are playing.

And if you happen to have a lot of gold on your hands, you can spend it on the new Mystic, who can Enchant and/or Transmogrify your items for a reasonable price. Enchanting doesn’t add stats to your gear, but it does replace them randomly, making the Mystic more of a Reforger than an actual Enchanter. Transmogrifying and dying your items can help give your character the look you desire.

If you still feel like not buying the expansion and just enjoying Patch 2.0, the following two words should change your mind: Adventure Mode! This new play mode breaks the monotony of going through the story campaign countless times as in the old Diablo III. Instead, you enter the world and can teleport anywhere you want across all five Acts. If you want (and if you have enough time) you can clear the entire game world of monsters and bosses, but you’ll more likely to engage in special quests, called “bounties.” Given by the former angel, Tyrael, bounties task the player with special objectives, such as clearing an area of enemies, defeating a boss, or completing an event. The game randomly assigns bounties (and any bonuses for completing them) each time you load up Adventure Mode.

The fun doesn’t end there, however. Each time you complete bounties, you receive special tokens called Rift Keystone Fragments. Collect five of these and your character can brave a Nephalem Rift. These rifts are made up of randomized dungeons with unique lighting styles and, of course, all manner and variety of monsters. Kill enough of these beasts and demons and the powerful Rift Guardian will appear. Kill the Guardian for your just reward.

Factor in all the new achievements and end game content, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will do anything but disappoint. If you liked the original Diablo III, getting Reaper of Souls is a no-brainer. If you didn’t like the original, you absolutely must come back!